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pawsitive_gwFebruary 20, 2011

I'll start by saying howdy. I am usually over at the KT, and I see some familiar "faces". I was going to post on the on the needles for February, but thought I'd start a new thread. I am a self taught knitter. I started spinning wool and dog hair and DH asked what the heck I was going to do with all the yarn. So, I had to learn ot knit. I purchased Jacqueline Fee's Sweater Workshop and dove in. Told DH if I had know how much math was involved, I'd have chucked everything. But I soldiered on and made the practice tube, graduated to a sweater and then took a class on knitting socks. I'm hooked! I made 2 pair for me, one pair for the grandson, started one pair for DH, but had to quit cause they wouldn't fit. I quit for 2 years, stuff got in the way, but when I had to take care of DH after his by-pass surgery, I needed something to do with my hands besides eat. I had bought some cool yarn a while ago, but just started another pair for me and ran out. So I started another pair and finished those and am now on my third pair. I have always loved odd socks and now I can make my own. I enjoy reading about all the different things people are making and hope to contribute and share as I get better. Cheers!

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Welcome back to our craft! Yes, sock knitting is addictive. For the recipients, too - my daughter and SIL cannot get enough "mom socks"...which makes Christmas presents fairly easy.

Do you spin on a hand spindle or a wheel? I have always wanted to learn, and bought a simple hand spindle on a trip to Peru, but have never found the time to practice. As I get older, the days seem to race by and I have so much yarn in my stash already.

Back to the socks on my needles! I am going on a trip and need a new pair - the first one is almost done, the second one had better be done by Wednesday or my feet will be cold!

Anne B

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Hi Pawsitive...There are a number of KTers here. I check in occasionally. Ravelry is another good knitting forum. Are you a member there? I recommend it.

I started knitting in the 70's by taking a class at Sears. Have knitted off and on over the years. I do scarves, afghans, stuffed animals, and socks. I don't have the time to knit as much as I'd like since DH retired and I've had to cook so much more.

It's difficult to get the proper fit on socks, isn't it? I can do for my sister and myself, size 8, and that's about it. But we both love hand knit socks, so that works.

Spinning sounds like so much fun, but as Anne said, the days race by--and there is only so much time in a day.

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I agree socks are addictive.I can hardly close my sock drawer.My granddaughter has said, no more.So I just continue to knit and give them away.It's so convenient to have a sock in my purse to work on when I have to wait.I hate waiting but time goes faster knitting. I am amazed at the comments I get. It's like people have never seen a person knit.

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Count me as another who is addicted to socks. I always have several projects going at one time, and a pair of socks is consistently one of those projects. I've never spun, but have always been intrigued by it. And I love the idea of using dog or cat hair. Can you dye those yarns? I imagine it would be a small niche, but I'm sure lots of pet lovers would adore having a garment or blanket made from a beloved animal's hair.

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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Welcome, Pawsitive! Another KT'er here. Like Donna, I always have socks on the needles, no matter what else is on needles! Currently, I have socks, 3 sweaters, and a scarf at least, going. One sweater is a dark purple with lots of cables that I keep getting lost in, one a pretty aqua blue, that I can't find the rest of my yarn for, and a dark green with a black thread running thru it in a Wallaby, think pull over hooded sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket, sweater for my grandson. That one is finished as far as the arm hole, and half of one sleeve. The purple one is for my DD and will wait until I have the patience to work on the dratted cables again. The aqua one is for me, and I have torn the place apart looking for the rest of the yarn!


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