Special request even though not kitchen related

sis2twoDecember 16, 2009

I have a special request and I hope that you will understand since ths has absolutely nothing to do with kitchens. I have a friend named Shelley,age 44, who in just the last 2 weeks has been diagnosed with terminal cancer (pancreas and liver) and this has been a devastating time for all of us. I and all who know her have been praying for a miracle from God. I am using the garden web because it reaches so many people and I know that a lot of you are strong in your faith. Shelley goes to John Hopkins on this Friday to see if they can offer anything new. My prayer is truly that it will be gone. What a great season for a miracle! All that are willing, please remember Shelley. She is a mom like so many of us. Thank you for reading this.

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I will pray for Shelley that if it's God's will that he will heal her, and pray for a peace that passes all understanding for you, and Shelley, and all who are close to her.

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I will keep Shelly in my thoughts and prayers. Miracles can happen.

My MIL had pancreatic cancer, and although she passed away, she lived much longer then expected. We think 2 things made a difference, a positive attitude and taking care of herself, especially nutritionally.

While she is able, Shelly should do things she enjoys. My MIL found joy in the littlest things, a beautiful day, snow on the trees, etc.

Getting enough calories, adding the right enzymes (a compromised pancreas makes it harder to digest food), etc. is REALLY important.

Getting hospice involved now - they are much better at pain management and making what time is left as positive and pain free as possible. If Johns Hopkins can help Shelly - its still ok, your can "graduate" from hospice care.
Hospice workers also provide a caring, yet not emotionally involved, group of people for Shelly and her family to talk to.

Another friend with PC has been part of a clinical trial in Denver. They have been delivering the chemo directly to his tumor thru a scope. His tumor growth has been stable for a year.

Join PanCan and CaringBridge. You are a good friend and I wish you all the best.

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I've prayed for Shelley. May God bless her, her family and you and all her friends.

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You are an amazing friend.I will keep her in my thought too and pray for her! I agree with getting hospice involved. I used them when my mother was dying and they were amazing. They are not only helpful with pain management but they provide support that no other health care professional is trained to offer. Remember, they are not necessarily a death sentence-people can "graduate". ONe suggestion for her family if they plan on hiring a hospice agency is to interview a few agencies and chose the one that makes them feel the most comfortable. Although they all do the same things, they are all a bit different in their approach.

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I wish her, her family, and you, peace as you go through this difficult time. I will certainly pray for a miracle for her.

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I will keep you and Shelley in my prayers. We have had miracles in our lives and I am thankful that I have been surrounded by prayer, AND supportive friends.

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I too believe in miracles, and am adding my prayers.

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I am very sorry about your friend. It is so sad to hear of someone at such a young age, and especially a mom whose children need her, to have to face this. She is in for a rough road, and she is lucky to have you as a friend. Sending positive, healing thoughts. Miracles can and do happen.

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i'll add in my prayers for Shelley and her family - and friends.

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My prayers are with Shelley, her family and friends. Hearing about situations such as these certainly make our kitchen woes seem quite insignificant. Just remember - keep a positive attitude, miracles can happen.

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