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iRude is carrying on a conversation with someone in person while constantly texting, browsing the web, checking your email, etc.

Last night was the first time I got iRuded. lol. Six adults. Two of us not using a phone, which was me and my DH.

It was so surreal! Since it was our house we went outside and sat on the front porch until the iRuders were ready to leave.

Before you say our gathering must not have been very entertaining, it was family visiting the grandkids, which they were able to do....while being iRude. They all had fun though!

Just curious, are any of you on the receiving end of iRudeness or are you an iRuder? :)

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To me, it doesn't matter if you were having a real snorefest, they still shouldn't have been on their phones. Nice to have a name for it.

If I'm out and the kids are home and phone or text me, I will excuse myself from the group and quickly call or text from another room.

if I'm having a discussion with a group of people and I want to look something up as a point of discussion, I will inform those I'm speaking with, look it up, explain and put it away and carry on the conversation.

If I'm expecting an important email/text, I will also excuse myself, leave the room, check it and return quickly.

Maybe some would consider this rude, too but I think in this day and age we all have phones and expecting people not to use them at all while in public is unrealistic, but it can be done with minimal disturbance/rudeness.

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I have been called out on this by my sister. She does not have an iPhone and doesn't have the options of emails, access to the internet etc.
We were out to lunch and as we were waiting to order, I took out my phone and looked at my emails. In this case I was expecting something from work, but it certainly could have waited.
A few days later she told me how she felt. She is right. iPhone's are addicting!
Funny story: DH and I were out to dinner. On one side of us was a hipster type couple. Both on their cells. To the other side was a biker type couple, with tattoos galore, they too were on their iPhones. It's generational, to be constantly multi tasking.

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I've been on the receiving end. I don't like it. I don't do it to others, but I don't have an iPhone. I don't want one. I could certainly get used to it and it would be convenient at times, but I don't want to end up with it being an extension of my hand like everyone else I know. It would be very easily to do and that's what I hear all the time - how 'addicting' it is.

I mean do you REALLY need to check your facebook and your mail all the time? Habit. Even if it's job related I don't agree with constantly checking it. I grew up in a home where my dad spent far too many hours working. A few of us got together recently to watch a show and the one friend had her face stuffed in her phone much of the time checking her facebook.

"Maybe some would consider this rude, too but I think in this day and age we all have phones and expecting people not to use them at all while in public is unrealistic, but it can be done with minimal disturbance/rudeness."
I agree, but far too often that phone call I overhear in the grocery store or public restroom is casual conversation.

I'm very selective about when I use my phone in public and when visiting with others. And I always turn it off for any type of appointment upon entering the building.

I think it's sad our society can't seem to unplug.

Side note - How are you Oak? I was thinking of you recently and wondering how you were and how everything was going with your DS's house.

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Thanks for asking, Shee. I'm fine! The sheetrock will be installed this week, then it's all downhill.

I have an old fashioned cell phone that I keep turned off when I'm away. I only use it when I need to call someone for something important.

I have a PC, Laptop, and an iPad. I've never felt the urge to get on the Internet when I'm away.

We've already lost the art of writing, now it's the art of good conversation.

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I'll quite often pull out my phone to google something related to the conversation as well as show pix, again when related to the conversation. I think it can add a lot to a discussion, and it was really fun to see how much my 96 y.o. MIL enjoyed seeing the phone used this way when we visited her last. I don't check email, etc. in social situations. If I were expecting an important call, text or email I would explain that to those I was with.

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Def think this is a generational thing, and if you ban the phones or other devices you may lose touch with those people.

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I'm much the same as Daisy and Funny. My phone is always "on" as I have an elderly grandmother (96!), whom I'm responsible for and my dad is older and has a few issues. However, I have voice mail and I use vibrate when I am out with others or in meetings, social activities, etc. My sister travels with her job and my brother lives out-of-town, so we keep in close contact via phone. It is very handy and at times somewhat necessary. The ER was able to get me very quickly back several months when my dad was brought in. I often love texting because you can send a quick message, ask a question, send an answer, etc. without having to make a lengthier phone call. Do I pull it out in the store (a pet peeve of mine too Shee) or in the bathroom? No. Do I pull it out if I'm waiting in a dr's office or something like that? Yes, at times I do and it makes a nice distraction. But I don't think I could ever become addicted to a phone. Many people now use cells as their only phone. We can monitor our home alarm, get weather alerts, etc.


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I don't have a cell phone and don't need one. I'm not that important.

When we have family get-togethers phones are turned off. Even if we're at the home of the younger generation and it's their only phone - it's turned off.

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I don't have or want an iphone, and most of my friends/relatives with them are pretty considerate. But what I've noticed lately EVERYWHERE are young mothers (mostly) with adorable children that they pay NO attention to because they've got their noses in their phones.

I take my 4 year old grandson to swimming lessons and there are three young mothers with babies who attend their older toddler's lessons. They sit, ignoring their swimming child (who is always looking to mom for some recognition that they've done something good in the pool) but mom doesn't even look up. All three have babies that they leave in the stroller, watching mom on her phone, getting no attention at all. No interaction, nothing. These are well cared for babies and children but mommy is showing that her babies are NOT the most important thing in her universe.

I see this everywhere. It makes me want to weep for those sweet children who are being ignored for another game of candy crush or whatever the latest craze is.

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K, it's definitely not a generational thing. I see a lot of adults my age on them.

Nothing wrong with leaving a phone on for an important call, or looking something up on the Internet for conversational purposes.

What I experienced was insane. People talking while doing their thing on the phone at the same time. They never set the phone down unless they had to get up. lol

And don't even get me started on selfies on FB!

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Great cartoon!!

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olychick - boy, do I ever agree with you.

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I have an iphone but I keep it in the silent mode. No rings, buzzes, vibrations, pings - whatever!

I have to look at my phone to know if someone is trying to contact me and I won't do it in public or when I'm with someone. My family and friends hate it! But, I'm sorry, MY PHONE is for my convenience - not yours. DH says I'm a freak!

If someone is iRuding (love it!) me, I simply walk away. I once had a situation where I was going to a concert with a friend. Just the two of us in her car for 45 minutes. She talked on the phone almost the entire time. Wasn't even important, just a "whatcha doing?" type conversation. After that night, I never spoke to her again.

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Mag, I was with a friend who was diving not long ago and she whips out her phone to check messages. I flat out told her to put the da** thing away! She did and we both laughed.

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Talking on phone while driving? That's dangerous - and illegal in many states. Not that you can't get distracted by someone in the car with you (esp. children).

I don't even like call waiting - OK, in an emergency or if it's a long-distance call, fine, tell me you have to go and you'll call me back. But don't say "Oops, I have another call" and just disappear, put me on "hold" (without even Musak!) forever. I never know how long to wait so now I just hang up right away. My mom does this to me all the time.

And forget the mothers looking at the phones - what about the 1-and 2-yr olds who are handed their mom's phone to keep them busy all the time?

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Cute cartoon.

I know an iPhone googler but she doesn't seem to understand every conversation doesn't have to be fact checked, verified, or supported with pictures. While it can be (very) occasionally useful, in her case it's mostly just distracting and annoying. This person is 61 yo so it's not just the kids and their phones.

I have an iPhone but use it mostly for taking pictures and some texting. I usually have it on mute because I don't like to be interrupted or accessible 24/7.

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I have a niece who texts her DH who is sitting in the same room.

Was driving the other day and moved from right to left lane because driver ahead of me was obviously texting. I pulled up along side her and laid on the horn but she was plugged in as well. Totally oblivious to what was going on around her and weaving all over the place.

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I worked for a Pediatrician once. The posted signs were clear, "no cell phones in the office". One time the doc opened an exam room door and the dad was on the phone he turned and walked out. Told the nurse he was moving on to next patient, and would go back in after he finished with next patient if the dad was off the phone. This is the most "on-time" physician you will ever meet, and this is why.

Love that cartoon.

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I didn't know there was a word for that. My mil, age 86, is the iRude person in our family. She will answer the phone while we are all eating and talk loudly because she can't hear. Real annoying.

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