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Carol_AnnFebruary 22, 2007

OK, it's happened: I'm addicted to yarn and knitting and crocheting... I'm in trouble :) The only good news is that I'm not working so I don't have a lot of money to spend on yarn!

So, like any good addict looking for a fix, I've been browsing the web and the local stores, and I have a question... how do y'all find patterns? Years ago when I was knitting there were small booklets -- usually in about an 8.5x11 format -- with a few to several patterns per booklet, around a theme (ie, baby blankets, sweaters, etc.). All I'm seeing right now is a lot of hardback books and some magazines, or rather limited selections of individual patterns. I'm not finding that much in the individual patterns that I want to invest in and make, and of course the books mostly only have one or two patterns each that I really want, so spending $20 and up seems like a lot.

Do they not publish booklets any more? Or am I just looking at the wrong stores?

I love the local store I found and I intend to support it but if I should be looking elsewhere, I'd appreciate your thoughts...

Thanks so much!

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What kind of stores are you looking in? I've found that my local yarn shop has mostly the hard backed books and individual patterns in binders that sell for $4 to $10 apiece, too rich for my blood. Check out WalMart, Michael's, Joann's and stores like that. You will find lots of books like you described.

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Thanks, Donna! duh! Yes, I was looking in the yarn shops and some bookstores -- I like to support locally owned businesses as much as possible -- haven't looked at the craft stores. Like I said.... duh!

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There are tons for free on the internet too. So far my favorite have been the ones on and the other yarn websites. This forum has provided me with some favorites also.

Have fun!


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Hi, start with this site on the internet there is a bit of everything and all for free. Happy Knitting! Isamae

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Check out the knitting books at your local library. You can sometimes get ones they don't have thru interlibrary loan. If you can still find a Knitting Pattern A Day calendar at a discount, there's a lot of patterns for your money. Knitting websites like and have free patterns. Besides Lionbrand, several yarn suppliers have free patterns on their sites, including Berroco and Garnstudio. The internet stores like and have lots of free patterns (and great yarns for less). Sometimes Interweave Knits magazine will have free patterns on their site too.

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Thanks for all the ideas! I did hit a couple of craft stores this morning but didn't buy anything... well, no patterns, only a few small supplies. Lack of a job makes me very frugal :) but I also didn't see anything that said I just *had* to have it...

I've been purusing the websites and have found a few great patterns that way. The poncho I'm making is one of those.

I'll have to get to the library soon -- and I see I have some new webpages to look at. Yay! :)

Does anyone know how/where I would find Rowan patterns? I've seen a few people post pictures of some of their sweaters (of course I didn't write down pattern names and now I can't find them....). I found a website for Rowan but it's all in UK $$ -- surely there's a US source? Are they only in the upscale shops, or...?

Again, thanks for all the help and hints! Now I need to get knitting....

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I have also bought a lot of patterns on Ebay.

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Some yarn stores carry the magazines and collections but you can also try eBay. If you're willing to pay full price, the site below carries them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rowan patterns source

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