AC tube insulation

dland2000March 25, 2012

The tubular insulation on a pipe going from my outside AC unit into my house is corroded and falling off and needs to be replaced. I went to Home Depot and got some polyethylene tube insulation. However, I'm not really sure if this is the right stuff. They also had a foam rubber version, which was slightly more expensive.

Does it matter which of these I use or is there a better alternative?

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none of these are the right insulation. They are used for
indoor pipe wrap. They have no UV protection. They will work
for about one year then replace it again. You need armaflex.

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What if I slather it in spf 50 sunblock?

Kidding. Thanks, I'll look into the armaflex.

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LOL..armaflex will be cheaper in the long run...

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Make sure you get split insulation also.

The un-split stuff is for new work that can easily be slid on.

Split is for rework.

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