Air conditioner blower motor problem

captainawesome7March 20, 2014

My dad has asked me to replace his blower motor on his air conditioning unit on his house and he bought all the parts. I removed the old motor and began to reassemble it with the new motor but the bracket that holds the motor in place doesn't line up with the housing correctly. The screw holes don't match up. I attached a picture to show you what I mean. The bracket is fully tightened around the motor, it cannot be tightened any further. I have also rotated it around to try and line it differently and that does not work. Any ideas? He just got out of the hospital from open heart surgery and can't afford to hire anyone to work on it.

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It the new motor the correct replacement part? Can you use the brackets from the old motor?

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Those type of brackets are flimsy and can just be pulled over and made to line up with those holes and will be fine. Most likely they were bent in shipment. once all 3 are bolted in it will hold motor strong.

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