Need help with crossover and doing this stitch

sunshine98January 5, 2009

15 years ago my Mother taught me to knit. I asked her to maked me a sample piece with her favorite stitches. So she made it and dictated the instructions to me. The years passed and now that I finally find the time to concentrate on my knitting I'm trying to make her a sweater using one of her stitches which she called the bubble stitch (NOT to be confused with the BOBBLE stitch) The BUBBLE stitches are all done at the same time one is knitting not one at a time. They look like fancy ribbing. There are columns of bubble stitches on one the right side of the ribbing and on the wrong side of the ribbing is plain ribbing. I wish I could post a picture of it so you could see but I don't know how to do that here. So If anyone thinks that they can help would you please email me?? My email addy is

Also, if anyone can help me understand how to do a crossover I'd be very grateful thank-you. I can no longer ask my Mom since she now suffers from Alzheimers and doesn't remember that she used to knit. Thank-you for any help that you may provide.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Always a friend,

Nancy aka sunshine98

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I've posted a picture of the bubble stitch under Gallery. Thank-you!!!
Always a friend,
Nancy aka sunshine98

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I found the instructions and a small pic to go with them, at this site...says the bubble stitch is also called the popcorn st....

Crossover isn't a knitting term I'm familiar with, so what do you mean by 'crossover'? Have you done a google search, to see if you can find it?

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I wonder if a cross over is this stitch I have done recently.

Knit into the 2nd stitch from the end of your knitting needle but do not pull it off the needle. Now knit into the 1st stich on your left hand needle and pull both stitches off the left hand needle. It makes a tiny cable.

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It looks like a tiny cable stitch to me. Nancy, do you still have her sample and the instructions she dictated to you? Probably not since you are asking for help, but I was hoping!

Try Sheilajoyce's in a test swatch. Cast on about 30 sts and see if it looks right.


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Check this link with a close up and see if it's what you are looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: crossover neck warmer

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Sunshine98, I sent you an email

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