Air shield furnace filters. Are they any good?

zunehdrocksMarch 3, 2013

I have a 2000 Cfm furnace so I need a low restriction filter. Air shield's filters are cheap and they claim to have more pleats per foot and low air resistance. Have any of you guys tried air shield's filters? You can find them here

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do you mean something like this?

these are media filters that fit into existing return air filter grill rack.
as there is more area of filter, these work well, and are not
restrictive like a 1" pleated filter is.
1" pleated filters are very restrictive.

this is a picture of the filter I use to show better what
is in the link I included.

best of luck

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I am finding a filter for inside of my furnace. The slot is one inch

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I just realized the offset in that filter allows a 4" filter to fit in most applications that originally were designed for a 1" filter, or appears to. If so this is awesome. I was lucky and only had to remove some tabs in my filter drawer for a 4" to fit and it makes a huge difference. I still keep the merv down so it isn't too restrictive though.

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