Anyone know anyone that might have this gem of a baby blanket?

shaddy101January 28, 2009

I have a payback, and this gal would love to have this pattern for her new first grand coming sometime later on during the summer.

I love paybacks as you ladies know, and if someone could help me with this, would be very grateful, and help in any way I could. Thanks to anyone, and good evening.


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I was unable to find the pattern according to the link you have posted. What is the name of the pattern?

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Maybe the link didn't work right, here it is again, try it this time? I got it to come up for me, any more trouble,et me know, will send in your email.

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This is what I got when I clicked on the link:

The page or file requested cannot be found or has been moved.
Looking for the stitch guide, newsletters, product reviews or other content previously found on Click here.

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Well, I got the picture to come up. Looks crochet. Sorry, can't help with the pattern, but here is the picture.

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It does look like filet crochet. Love the pattern. If anyone has the pattern or knows where to get it I would like it too.

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yes did some looking into to this for you its called Filet Baby try looking under smart they have alot and you should find it there.been there and seen alot of them so good luck and I hope this helped

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