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groomingalJanuary 17, 2008

I was wondering if anyone here knits using a loom? As I was browsing the 90% off section of Hobby Lobby I came across several looms. I purchased a blue round one and a wooden oblongish shaped one.

Mind you I have no clue how to knit- I tried once many years ago and failed miserably. I now have severe carpal tunnel and am unable to hold things for very long. This means NO needle projects- so giving up the loom and using needles is out of the question.

I tried out the loom and figured out the "e" stitch- I LOVE IT!! It has turned out to be so much fun and easy on my hands. Can any other knitters that use looms recommend some sites for basic beginner (aka I know zilch about knitting) sites? How about best sizes of looms to use (as I understand it is the color you go by?)- yarn selection, etc.

I greatly appreciate any help other loom users can recommend.

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I have the looms but they frustrate me as I tend to be a loose loomer and that drives me batty! LOL!

You might find some good resources here! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bev's Country Cottage - Loom page

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Thank you so much- I think I will try one of the purses they showed. I have made an afghan, 2 hats, and 2 scarves since my last login. I am in love with looming!!! I posted an ad for our area to see if there is a looming or knitting group. I think it would help me tremendously to learn from others that knit.
I would like to start more advanced projects- but I think I need to find an experienced knitter to learn from first.

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I never knitted before until last year my mom got me the long purple loom. I made a afghan in no time it was so easy and fast. Now i got the round ones and have been knitting just about everyday. I love them. Here's a group just for loomers that i think you will like. This site wouldn't let me put the link on here for you. Google knifty knitterlooms group and check it out. Brenda

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I have been doing this for about a year and I too LOVE it. If you do a search for loom knitting you will find a lot, but you also need to go to YouTube and watch those videos, they are really helpful. Check this site out too, great.


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