Ever put your cat on a 24 hour fast? I feel so guilty.

rachelrachelDecember 31, 2006

This is gross - so move on if you're eating.

Yesterday when I was cleaning out the litter box, I discovered all this blood inside of a very loose stool. I determined that it was my large male cat Bosco's. NOTE: These cat problems always!!! happen at night, or over the weekend requiring the more expensive visit to the emergency veterinarian! (only $80 this time)

Vet says that bright red blood like that means colitis, and that it is pretty hard to pinpoint the cause. But that it's not necessarily as serious as it seems, especially since Bosco seems so healthy, active, and has a good appetite. So I need to put Bosco on a 24 hour fast to help his colon settle down, and then feed him boiled chicken for a few days. After that resume normal feeding.

I have two cats, and there is major jealousy and bullying on Bosco's part, so I have put both of them on the fast. Minnie tends to have diarrhea also so I think this will help her too. Now they are both hovering around their two feeding stations mewing. This will go on all day, as I tend to keep them very well fed.

I feel better just posting this, as I feel very guilty about not feeding them, and also bad about putting Minnie on the fast too. 10 more hours to go.

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Hang in - persistant little blokes, aren't they!

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Not easy to see their faces wondering: where's the food ??

I've had to do this a few times in the past with my dog, I hated it.
She had eaten bad chicken once ( garbage bag), and was she sick.
I'm always amazed at how their bodies fix themselves but it's scary and has to be addressed.
good luck.....

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I know just how you feel. I have two cats and one is on a diet. I don't free feed them. The one on the diet licks her empty bowl and lays next to it waiting for food. One good thing has come out of this diet. I feel so guilty not giving them food when they are hungry that I can't eat anything myself. There is no way that I can snack at night and watch them meow. I could stand to lose some weight so this dieting is good for both of us.
Hang in there, just follow the Vet's instructions. I think I read somewhere that too much fasting can lead to fatty liver disease in cats. Did you post this on the pet forum?

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Thanks everyone. Your responses reassure me. Bosco seems okay with the no food thing. He probably is starting to feel better. Minnie is adjusting, but doesn't understand. Only 6 more hours to go. They are coping fine.

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Be strong, mama!

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Thanks Pauline - 1.5 hours to go. Boiling that chicken now. The reason I posted on the kitchen forum is that I feel I know folks here, and needed that reassurance.

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I'm awful. I do it all the time. I keep his dish (I freefeed) on top of the dryer, so the dog can't get to it. It's a HUGE bowl so the food usually lasts several days. Whenever I do laundry I check the bowl and refill as needed. But these past couple of days I haven't done laundry and when I went into the washroom just a little while ago, the bowl was empty. No wonder he was knocking things off the counter then looking at me with a big pathetic MEOOOOW....

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How are your little fur babies this morning, Rachel?

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paulines - thanks for asking. I'm not sure. I gave them chicken which they didn't like. They both ate some though. Then stupidly I put out the kibble (the high quality brand) around midnight. I hope this wasn't a huge mistake. Bosco hasn't gone poo yet. I fear that I should have kept the chicken going for a few days more. Oh well. Should I take away the kibble and only let them eat the chicken? Or just see what happens? I don't think Bosco's feeling very well, he purred when he ate the kibble, and is now sleeping in his hiding place.

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Maybe Bosco's system is still fairly empty from the fasting? Yeesh, I don't know - definitely post this at the Pets Forum, there's some really knowledgable folk over there that more than likely have been through this same thing. Can you call the emergency vet back?

It's so tough when they can't tell you whats wrong, I feel so bad for you and your babies. Is Minnie doing ok?

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Just wanted to add, I have to run out now, but I'll be back later, if you need someone to bounce things off of.

Maybe there's a vet here that could help?

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How is Bosco doing, Rachel?

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Pauline - great news. He finally used the litter box and no blood! I wouldn't normally be such a baby, but it was a lot of blood. But thankfully no blood. So it worked. Thanks for all your hand holding on this one. Rachel

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