Trying to Adjust Kids' Pix on CD

momto4kidsDecember 14, 2005

Can someone give me a quick lesson on how to fix a picture that is on a cd before I print it? Somehow I had my camera on the wrong setting. Aside from the obvious not having the kids positioned well regarding the sun, the picture looks faded. The trees were gorgeous, brilliant colors. The kids' turtlenecks were solid black. The grass was bright green. Plus, is there a way to take some of the glare off the sides kids' faces? I do not know how that grey spot got on the turtleneck one the child on the far right. It's not on other pictures.

The only picture software I have is Dell Paint Shop Jasc 8. I've tampered around and I just can't get it right.

Here is one of the shots I took. The quality here looks way worse than on when I pull up the picture from the cd. Not sure why. ?? It looks really grainy below. It's not that grainy.

I'm so mad at me! I used to take the best pix!! Grrrr.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Here it is on my Webshots Album

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I don't know if there is a quick fix for that photo. You have taken a photo where your main subject, your kids faces are in shadow, the trees and grass look faded in comparison because they are in full sun. In order to make the trees look the color they should the kids will become darker with the shadow across their face more pronounced.

I would bet it can be corrected but I think you will have to separate the kids from the back ground and change them separately.

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Deb, I don't have an answer for you (I suspect that you need Photoshop), but I just want to say that I'm glad to finally "meet" your kids. They're adorable! (And I love that impish look in the eyes of the little one in front!) Even if the photo isn't technically perfect, it's a wonderful, warm, happy picture.

I could never get TWO kids to smile at the same time (without sticking out their tongues or making devil's horns behind the other's head).


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Hi again, Deb,

I just reread your post, and I'm wondering whether the problem is that you're trying to fix the photo on the CD. Is it rewriteable (CD-RW)? Maybe you'd have better luck by copying the file to your hard drive and then using your paint shop program. Then save to the CD (or to a different CD, if it's CD-R).


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Thanks all! Yes, I've downloaded the picture onto my computer and I've been playing around with the Dell picture software.

Mgmsrk...yes, you're right...I think I have to figure out how to "correct" the two "layers" being the kids, the second being the background. When I focus on just one, the other "suffers." I can't even figure out how to use the crop tool! I want to crop the picture to eliminate most of the bottom (somewhat below the front child's head)...and to eliminate some from the top and sides. But I can't even do that!

I've done some minor "editing" in the past and it turned out okay, but this is just frustrating. It was a gorgeous day. The kids were SO cooperative (how often does THAT happen?!!) and I blew it! I'm so bummed!!

Sue, thank you! They're funny little kids! Each one is a cartoon character in his/her own way! One thing they love is getting their picture taken. I believe they think they're professional models at this point!

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Those are really cute kids! It's still a better photo than I got of mine, since all yours are looking at the camera and three out of four are smiling. I wish I had some technical advise for you but I don't except for maybe...Did you try to edit the picture on your computer? I just upload my pictures directly from my camera to the computer, and I have editing options there. But I have noticed that the resolution generally suffers when I do edit them. But you can also upload to a place like Kodak Easy Share (used to be Ofoto) and there are editing options there as well. Good luck!

Anyway, I'm guessing this is to send out for the holidays? Here's the one I sent :-)

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Mom - I have no advise (sorry) just wanted to say they are beautiful kids!!! What a great picture I hope you can get it fixed up. The girls look so much alike and that little guy - heee.

Proudmama - Also stunners - A sea of blue eyes! That is a great photo! I like the way the bigger guy is holding on to the little one.

So I can't resist - here's my little tt (tiny tyrant). I think I took like 40 shots and couldn't get a straight on smile!

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Those are such cute pics, Maggie! Your little boy is adorable, and the snowman is great!

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In case you are still having trouble cropping, I did three for you.

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mgmsrk! The first one! I want THAT one! Wow! Thank you! I'll keep working on it!

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Give me a few moments and I will upload it to my husbands webshots account and send you the link than you can download it and play with the lighting.

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Here is a link that might be useful: photo link

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If your camera's light meter read off of the black shirts, it would probably tend to wash out the background. It's pretty hard to correctly meter and reproduce the white fence, black shirts, and more neutral background all in one shot. Maybe next time you can spot meter off of a child's face, or use fill flash so that the foreground and background are both correctly exposed.

GREAT picture by the way. What a beautiful family.

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Hmm. Five minutes of Photoshop yielded this.

Some obvious defects which could be fixed up if a little more time was spent! Just wanted to give you an idea.

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mgmsrk...THANK YOU!!! I've got it now!!

demicent...WOW!!!! That is WONDERFUL and very close to what the day actually looked like!!!

Thank you!!!

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