Making return address labels

zoey_neohioDecember 15, 2005


I learned how to make return address labels and even how to insert a picture in them, but just can't figure out how to put a border around them using Microsoft Word 2000. I have Googled and Googled this and just casn't find the answer.

Anyone here into this and willing to help with this last step?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

A long time lurker and a TKO wannabe,


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Depending on how your labels are set up, there are several ways to insert a border around each one. If each label is a cell within a table, you can add a border around each cell by clicking Table/Table Properties, then the Table tab, then click Borders & Shading at the bottom. Click "all" at the left to put a border around all cells. Choose the type of border you want and click OK. This probably won't come out right though if you're using sheets of adhesive backed labels, because the borders will probably end up right on the edge of the label.

If your labels are set up so that they are just regular lines of text with tabs separating them, you can add a border by drawing a box around each "label" and then formatting the box. You can "skootch" the boxes around by selecting the box and then using the arrow keys to move it (hold down Ctrl to move it just a pixel or two at a time). Copy and paste to each "label." (This method is a lot of work if you have pages and pages of labels.) If the boxes come out so that they are printing on top of your text or causing the text to "move" to another spot, do this: select the box, right click, click "Format Auto Shape" and on the Layout tab, click "behind text."

Email me if you need any more help.


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Kathy, thanks for the info on this. I last did fancy labels when I was using WP...the 80s?

In Word, I do my labels in the standard way

Envelopes and Labels
Then format in the white box for a sheet of them.

I know how to change the color and font but how do I add a picture and a border with this method ...or can I?

I'm not sure of what you mean by using a table for the labels. Can you help here? Thanks! Maureen

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Maureen--If you download one of the templates from Avery's web site, the file is just a premade table set up with the proper margins for the selected label product. I believe that the way you're doing it, using the Envelopes and Labels function, yields essentially the same file, which is a table also. So you would add a picture just like you would in any document--click where you want the picture to be, choose Insert/Picture, then go from there. Of course, the picture will need to be small enough to fit within the label area. And, you have to copy and paste it into each table cell, as far as I know. To add a border, you'd do it like I describe in my previous post.

If you don't know if your file is a table, click the "backwards P" on the toolbar to turn on the paragraph marks. It it's a table, you'll see gray lines indicating the edges of the table cells, with a tiny circle at the end of the last line of text within each cell/label. If your file is not a table, you'll just see a paragraph mark (backwards P) at the end of each line of text.

I hope this all makes sense! If not, feel free to email your file to me and I'll try help you that way.

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For a plain box border for labels (and I'm working with Word 97 here, believe Word 2000 is a bit different):

1. Click on Tools...Envelopes & Labels
2. In E & L dialog box, type address (should say Labels in the tab on top).
3. Select "Full Page of the Same Label." Click on New Document button.
4. You should see a page full of labels now. Run cursor over the tops of columns to highlight all text. Click on Center alignment button.
5. With all text still highlighted, click on Format...Paragraph. In Indentation, try about .4" for both the left & right alignments. Click OK.
6. With all text still highlighted, click on Format...Borders & Shading. Select the Box border. Select the color & width. In the Apply to: box, select paragraph.
7. Check to see how it looks. Adjust Indentation if you like.

Now in Word 2000, I believe you can right click on the table (the grid on the page) & either in Table Properties or Cell Properties, you can set the indentation there. My memory's rusty re Word 2000.

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MsAzadi, up to Word 97, you couldn't put a graphic in a label. Not sure about Word 2000. But if you have Word XP, you can try this:
1. Tools...Envelopes & Labels... Simply click on New Document (I'm assuming you've selected your label size already).
2. You should see a page of blank labels (just the table).
3. In Toolbars... turn on the drawing tool bar & the mail merge tool bar.
4. Using the drawing tool bar, insert a text box in the first label. Type your address in the text box. Turn the border on or off, as you like.
5. To the left of the text box, insert a picture (from Insert... in the menu bar). You might have to right click on the picture and edit the word wrap option so the picture doesn't bump the text box off the label.
6. Using the mail merge tool bar, click the Propagate Labels button. This copies whatever is in the first label to all the other labels on the page.
7. For just a simple box border & no picture, place a text box in the first label, type your address in it & set the border color, then click the Propagate Labels button in the Mail Merge tool bar.

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Here at work I have 2000 and at home I have a Mac with its own screwy version of Word. LOL...I'm keeping the instructions to test out post-Christmas, and thank you all very much. Maureen

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I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to help me with this. I haven't quite mastered it yet. Not sure if it is me or Word 2000 or a little of both!!!!

Kathy, you were right about the borders ending up right on the edge of the labels. At least I now know it's not me. In Word 2000 I have a option to use art borders such as holly, get the idea. I was trying to do this for my label borders, but have come to the conclusion it can only be used for page borders. Oh, well.....


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