You remember Daniel, don't you?

MariposaTraicioneraDecember 13, 2005

Well his grandmother has this great plan, and that is to just 'give' him one of their old cars and INSURE it for him! I kept my mouth shut since this is none of my business, but I'm wondering about her responsibilities IF he gets into an accident. He's 17.

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Assuming the vehicle is titled in his name the grandmother would have no legal responsibility. Even if titled in her name, her risk is pretty low. Just curious, what is wrong with a 17 year old having a car?

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Wow! I thought you were talking about my nephew Daniel, whose grandmother did exactly the same thing, but *my* Daniel is 20.

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This is a 17 year old who acts more like 13. He had stolen his grandmother's car back in August, hence my apprehension about this latest development.

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You left that part out! As I said before, there is little liability, especially if the car is in his name.

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You want to bet that if he were to get into a serious accident, that the victim's lawyer would find out that she gave it to him, and you better believe she'd be named on the suit. Especially being that he's not 18 yet, which makes his family still just as liable as he is himself.

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Is the grandmother Daniel's legal guardian? If so, and he gets into an accident, the grandmother could be vulerable to a lawsuit if Daniel's insurance doesn't cover all of the damages. Ten years ago, my DH was hit by a carload of teens, resulting in injury to himself and the complete destruction of his truck (the truck rolled three times and then flipped end-to-end twice). The young woman's insurance limit was $15K, which didn't even cover the replacement cost of the truck, let alone my DH's medical bills. Her insurance company happily cut us a check for the $15K, and then THEY suggested that we sue her parents to recover the rest (so much for loyalty to their customer). We didn't relish the thought of having to take someone to court, and thankfully, we had an "under-insured motorist" provision in our insurance policy that compensated us for the rest of our damages.

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That young lady and her parents should be eternally greatful that you didn't go after them, because you could've gotten alot more than just the damages.

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The grandmother was legal guardian but his mother wanted him back so guardianship was revoked. His grandma really irritates me because she would call for help but then do whatever he sweet talks her into. Bill, I am sure that this woman can get into serious problems if she hands over the car, and also insures it in her name! Remind me not to be so daft when I get to her age please...

I'll share some of these thoughts with her and let her decide. I did call the insurance company and they said they'll have a chat with her too about the liability. This might have worked 50 years ago, but grandma needs to realise that life is very different today.

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Mari-- don't be so daft when you get to her age. :-)

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Bill, I didn't think you'd actually come back and say that...but, thanks for reminding me. I'll print this up and keep it safe :-).

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