Is this crazy, or what?

love2knitJanuary 9, 2009

Today I bought a pair of shoes only because they'll show off the socks I'm going to knit! They're a mary jane type shoe and I could just picture the lacey stitches, or the ripples, or the diamond pattern instep. Now I have to decide which one to knit first!!!

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No crazier than the rest of us here! If you make something nice, why hide it?

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I knit for two charities and decided I would knit for myself for a change. I've done several pairs of socks. The new yarn that forms a pattern as you knit is like magic. I have three new pair that are really unique.

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Not to me--I bought a pair of Mary Jane clogs which can adjust in size so that I have room for the heavier wool socks that I wear in the winter, plus the MJ styling shows off the top of the socks. I figure why have all this great yarn knitted up that no one can see?


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You can buy see through plastic shoes, of some kind, made specifically so that you can show ALL your socks to the world. I've seen them in the back of magazines and my daughter tells me that our local knit shop has them.....I think I'll mosey over and check them out - everyone else in the family has my socks, and I'm getting ready to start on some for myself! I have a bunch of self striping yarn in crazy colors, that I'm looking forward to using, although I love the Patton stretch sock yarn....used the latter for my daughter....I made her a pair that stop just below the toes...these are to wear with thong sandals, and another pair with 2 mittens, only one is for the great toe and second covers the other 4 be also with a thong shoe, or under shoes, too. I'm having a heck of a lot of sock fun this winter!

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Sandra, have you made the lace ankle socks with the Patons stretch sock yarn? (from their web site, I think.) I was thinking of making them, but with more repeats on the leg - it looks too short to me the way it's shown. Or would that be too tight?

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Your not crazy at all! All of my shoes are open backed slip on shoes. Even my tennis shoes and dress shoes! My DH says I am just too lazy to bend over and tie my shoes any more, LOL! I like to show off my knitted socks and it is easy just to slip them off and show my footsies to someone I am talking knitting too. Good thing I don't have stinky feet!


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