Do you decorate your kitchen for the Holidays?

acoreanaDecember 5, 2006


Looking around other boards, I have been impressed, and inspired, by the way people celebrate the season.

I hoped that perhaps some on this forum would share how they get their kitchens (or any part of their home) looking festive!

Please share, this place could use some good cheer,

Nat :o)

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Here's two shots of my kitchen all decked out for the holidays:

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Very nice, it adds just the right touch; you already have a head start with your nice red appliances, lol...

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Very festive! I love the greenery, pinecones and berries! Very elegant. Your kitchen itself is stunning, thank you for sharing it.


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I was wondering about kitchen cheer for the holidays too. My big sis usually has the Christmas party at her house, so I don't have to do much, but I want to extend the cheer into the kitchen at my house. I wish I didn't have such low ceilings. I just have about six inches above my cabs. I love the greenery acoreana. Maybe I can slip a few of my Christmas globes somewhere on the counters...Pitiful. I know.

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Oh, KS2, I'm in the same boat. I WISH that was my kitchen!!! It is the very talented sweeby's.

I am planning on making it out bargain shopping ASAP, just can't seem to find the time. As of right now all I've got is a couple of plates that look like ornaments in the plate holder I hang on the wall, a YC tartwarmer w/ a snowflake theme, a wooden angel (my favorite X-mas decoration, second only to DD's macaroni covered bell painted gold on the tree, lol!), and an empty red vase waiting for me to find some greenery to fill it on the breakfast bar. Oh! and a couple of seasonal pot holders hanging off the cabinet knobs. That's it....ugh!

Hopefully, we'll both get some ideas on here we can pull off in our own kitchens. I hope to get a bit more going on soon, and then I'll be sharing some pics :-).


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Usually I do, but not this year. In the past I have done many cute things for the kitchen. A small tree with my cookie cutters hanging on it. .. On year I did *tea-tree* and hung lots of pretty colored packets of tea all over the tree and then put in a few fancy tea cups nestled in teh branches. Garland pulled up into swags that are secured with bow and criss-crosses wooden spoons. I did a candy theme one year bu the kids kept eating it!


Even with just 6 inches you can put some evergreen up there.. and some fairy lights. Then pick a counter corner to do a display.. group your snow globes for more impact.. how about on an old silver platter? If you post up a pick of your kitchen I would be happy to give you some more quick and inexpensive ideas.


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LOVE the 'tea tree' idea Maddie! Think I may swipe that next year... I've got some lovely antique china teacups that never see daylight.

Stumpt - I don't have much more than 6" over my cabinets either -- just happened to find the perfect garlands last year on sale, and they fit the house perfectly.

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susan209 usual I just love seeing your kitchen and tilework, absolutely looks even more spectacular with your Christmas decor, stunning!

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I just have some greenery type things and a santa sculpture on the mantle shelf and a couple other little things on the counter where we have our TV and desk type things - and a few Christmas towels hanging out. I usually put all my Christmas cards around the perimeter of my sliding door to the porch - haven't started that yet though. In general I don't go overboard on holiday decorating. I did get some great new garland on sale this year though - big splurge for me - that is one of the things I put on the mantle in the kitchen. I also have some of the garland and some red pointsettia shaped lights on the railing of my loft - and some blue icicle lights hanging in the windows of my loft.

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sweeby, I just love your kitchen. I'm not really feeling the Christmas spirit. Maybe you guys can "wake me up".

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Donna, Michael's has some pretty small blue lights that would look great on a small tree in or new your fabo kitchen. They have that cut glass look and are about an inch long. They were 40% off last week when I was there.

Sweepy, love your kitchen and your Christmas decor. It's so tasteful and just enough. What soapstone did you use?

maddie, love the tea cup idea. I have some old tea pot ornaments that were my MIL's that I sometimes put on a small tree in the kitchen.

My kitchen is such a mess right now that I'm not sure what decorating I'll be able to do. The red knobs on the wolf might be it. lol I have a shelf my DH built several years ago where I put some of my holiday tableware. I bought this country set back in the 80s when the look was so popular. My family still loves it and insists we use it every year. I found some farm animal ornaments at Michael's to coordinate. I think we'll put this shelf back up and I'll decorate it as usual. Here's a pic:

Hey Maddie, can you see the geese? : )


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OK. Now I'm getting a wee bit excited here! Yep, Sweeby, that IS your kitchen,lol! Sorry! I should have known, b/c I've seen and drooled over it enough times. Very, very festive. Your spacing seems like so-o-o much more than I have to work with...Maddiemom, I do have pics swimming around, but I don't know how to get them to come up. I have a collection of snow globes that number up to approx. 25. Quite a few are Christmas themed, but they look pretty crappy on the counters. I know, because I tried that, lol! I just put out the biggest Santa globe to keep down the clutter. Angelcub's shelf display is adorable. I love Christmas decorations in the kitchen, and I'd love Wolf knobs too! I'm like Acoreana in the ornament department. I still love the handmade decorations my boys did years ago. Nothing brings a smile to my heart, quite like those. I think I'll swing by Target to look at the garland. I'm feeling it!!!!

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Just a lonely candle ring in our kitchen.

I do put up 4 trees and 4 Christmas villages in the rest of the house though. The link is a slideshow of the rest of the house if anyone wants to take a peek.

Here is a link that might be useful: The rest of the house.

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Angelcub, that first pic is my new background, hope you don't's adorable!

Bessiedawg, what can I say? I am in awe! (Tip for others is to double click on the slideshow so you can see it full screen.) Your villages are beautiful, and the way you have your home should give tours!

KS2, I'm glad you're getting the "feeling", lol!

maddiemom, those trees sound too cute, and so perfect for the kitchen! I've got ideas popping in my head.

donna, if you do, please share a pic!

Nat (who has sugar plums dancing in her head)

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Don't mind at all, Nat. You flatter me. ; )

It's a slim to none chance I'll have my soapstone counters by Christmas so I painted the plywood cabinet tops white and I'll just set things on them. I took some casual holiday plates with a tree design (Target find) and put them on one of those tiered metal holders, then set it on one of the counters. And if we get the window trim up this weekend, I'm going to drape it with some garland. Going to get that shelf up, too. I'm determined to make it look festive, despite the mess. lol!

Fa la la la la, la la la LA!


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Here's a photo of my little kitchen Christmas decor - thought this would be a good opportunity for me to figure out how to post an inline photo.

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Here's a peek at ours....Happy "Holly" days to one and all!

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Mrsmarv, you have that wonderful red countertop to set a festive stage :) The "Cookie" cookbook is quite seasonally appropriate too :)

I just got some copper cookie cutters (Xmas tree, snowman and star shapes) and placed them against my window.

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Gibby, what a great way to decorate your mantle shelf, I love the color scheme against your wood.

Mrsmarv, your kitchen is too perfect for this season! It's great anytime, but decorated for Xmas, it's postcard perfect.

I did a little bit of kitchen decorating tonight (finally).
Bought a couple things at Walgreens (LOL!) that were on clearance on the way back from DD's Orthopedic Surgeon appt. The funny snowman cookie jar cheered us up! Then went to the market, and picked up the rest of my decorations: cranberries, cloves, and oranges. A few existing pieces I worked in and I think that's it for this year...unless I happen across the sale of the century! :-D

Thanks to all those who have shared their wonderful photos, and a standing invitation to those who might still!


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These pictures are great, keep 'em comin', it puts me in the mood.

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Goodness, I'm lucky I get the tree up every year. I used to decorate the house, but no one in the family cared, or helped or commented, so I don't do much any more. The tree goes up and gets decorated, the lights go outside, a wreath goes up, that's about it.

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Nat, it looks very festive! I love that snowman. Now I'm going to have to peek in at Walgreen's. You enabler, you. ; )

I've enjoyed everyone's pics, too. Keep 'em coming!


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LOL! His expression kills me...he's quite impressed with his own cookies...he really is precious in person. I believe he was 3.99, but the way he makes us giggle is priceless.


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momj - I have that same situation - no one helps or cares or comments. However I decided to skip the tree rather than the other stuff - it's more work especially clearing a space for it. So I put up a few other lights and decorations like the little garland and things on the shelf. Since I'm the only one who seems to care or enjoy it, I just do what I feel like doing. I've found that's much more enjoyable and less of a burden.

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Very pretty pictures of your 'christmas kitchens'. I wish I had more room in my kitchen to decorate. I have a galley kitchen and not alot of counterspace. Here are some pictures of my decorations.

Door from kitchen to Garage

My Kitchentree and Santa

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tamgypsy more

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