XM or Sirius

momx3December 17, 2006

I'm thinking of getting Sattelite radio for DH for Christmas. Got this idea because our GC had XM and listened to it for last 6 months while he was working on the kitchen. DH enjoyed the non-commercial music. Others have told me that Sirius is better. Any thoughts about XM vs Sirius?

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DBF had XM, then I got Sirius...we canceled XM and have continued subscribing to Sirius, really just a personal preference thing, we found ourselves not using the XM while in his car, but our Sirius seems to be on constantly. I listen to it online as well.

Just got DXH a Sirius from DD (he'll get it on X-mas).

So I guess my vote's Sirius :-).


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I have XM and love it. I have one in the car, one in the kitchen, and one at work. My kids have it too, and love it. My daughter also listens on DirecTV during the day at home. XM Radio has a few million more subscribers.

I like old country music and found the XM station (Willie's Place, formerly Hank's Place) much better than the old country music on Sirius. I also like Sonic Theater (radio drama, books) and Radio Classics (old radio shows). I depend on their traffic reports when I'm commuting/traveling. I have no interest at all in listeneing to Howard Stern.

I'm sure Sirius has a lot of the same types of programs, but when I got my radio a few years ago, XM had, by far, the best selection.

I'm sure he'll be happy with whatever you get.

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I haven't posted on here in ages but have a suggestion. You might want to look at the station line up for each and see which interests you or DH. I've never looked at the XM website, but I have Sirius in the car and home. Sirius has all the NFL games (of great interest to my DS and DH) and Howard Stern. Just food for thought, look at both websites. Hope this helps.

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I have XM and am very happy with it.

I'd definitely suggest looking at what each one offers in terms of line-up. I'm sticking with XM for baseball coverage, but if your DH is into football or NASCAR then Sirius is the way to go.

I think either way he won't be disappointed.

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Thanks everyone. I'm leaning towards Sirius just cuz it seems to be more easily available. I can go to my local Radio Shack or Staples tomorrow and get the equipment. Got a great deal on a Bose radio from a friend who upgraded so should be a great present for my music loving man.

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