Are Chimney liners a DIY

big_al_41March 13, 2012

Can a average person with some help install a flex type chimney liner ... has anyone done this and what are your thoughts.


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Without experience they are easy to rip and then your out any savings.

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A chimney liner is easy to tear or rip if a bit of common sense is not used. The liner comes with a plastic guide, usually a cone shaped piece that is pulled a head of the liner to clear obstructtions and guide the metal sleve in place. We have found it very practical to remove the liner guide pull it through ahead of liner a couple of times. Reclamp it to the liner and and be careful when pulling actual liner in place. Do this and it,s a fairly easy job. Make sure your measurements of Chimney diameter are accurate , don,t but the cheapest liner available, go mid grade and you should not have a problem doing it your self

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