just want to be done, kids sick, novelty worn off

kptwinDecember 21, 2006

Well, I am posting here because I don't know where else to unload this.

We are 4 1/2 months into reno including kitchen, adding 1300 sqf, gutting 800 of the exixting 1000. We (by we I mean 3 1/2 DS/DD twins, DH, and 90 lb lab) are hunkered down in the remaining 200 sq/ft. We are doing dishes, cooking and bathing kids at the worlds best next door neighbors house. We love our GC, he has become a good friend to us and all has been going great......then....

major cold front 32 degrees, DS diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday, DD today. Good grief. I know its because I had the nerve to brag to my friends that we must be having the worlds smoothest remodel, actually I still think we are, it is just life that gets a little bumpy. Thanks for letting me share.

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kp, you have every right to feel overwhelmed, nursing sick kids would be exhausting in the best of conditions. Hang in there and tell yourself that one day, you'll be smiling at all of this and everything will be back to normal.

May your babies recover well from their illness in time for the holidays and may you keep up the strength to do it all..............
Could you possibly find time to go for a massage or a facial, just a few hours to escape ?

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Hang in there KP. We had a strange bout of pneumonia that went through our neighborhood - - kids and adults - - a few months ago. I caught it from DS and was down and out for almost three weeks. I've never had it before that, but when I tell you there were days that making a cup of tea was the most I could manage to do I'm not exaggerating. So please try to take care of yourself and minimize what has to be done for now to save your strength. Can you switch to take out (with the exception of chicken soup, of course) and paper plates for a few days while you nurse the kids back to health? And don't forget to take lots of vitamin C!

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I am sorry for all of your stress. Focus on nursing the children back to good health and the rest will be over in time.
Every night when I close my eyes to sleep, I review my day and list in my head, the five best things that happened that day. Some days are great and I have wonderful things to put on my list. Other days it may be just things like "my dinner was delicious". Listing the five best things helps me to focus on the positive parts of my day and also puts me to sleep.
Also, when we are tense we tend to hold are breath, so take the time and breath deeply and slowly.

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thanks all,
The sun came up this morning and as I snuggled up to DD I choose to see this pneumonia as a blessing...she is not the snuggly type so I will sneak in a years worth now. I need to realized that my blessings are great, my hardships few.Thanks for letting me vent and the kind support.

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So sorry to hear that your kids have been diagnosed with pneumonia. It is hard to go through any remodel but much harder when dealing with an illness, yours or a loved one. I know I had to deal with a few medical crisis during our remodel.

You just take one day at a time and know that it will be finished someday. Our 3 month remodel, because of things beyond our control, lasted almost 7 months. I know this is hard to believe but it will be worth it in the end.
Take care.

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Yes mam. Seeing the blessing in that special snuggle - that's the spirit! (God says our trials can work out to the good for those who love Him.) Good thing your GC sounds like a genial sort - and that you have a good next door neighbor. Just treasure those small, simple things - and the love of the season. Sometimes it's a gift to have to give up the efficiency pace - and when it IS finished - you sure won't take that victorious feeling for granted. (right aptosca?? :-) ) Hunker down.

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