Any former FidoNet'ers here?

donnar57November 6, 2007

When I first found GW, I was thrilled. I still enjoy it. It was like "coming home" to my old FidoNet. I started messaging on FidoNet's "echoes" and it was the one thing I still missed after shutting down my FidoNet node. GW is set up like the old FidoNet echoes - all these similar forums in the same place.

Anyone here ever "do" FidoNet?


(formerly Fido Net 202:1311)

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I'm surprised no one has chimed in !!!!

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FidoNet?? Arf????

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Yeah, arf-arf. We got those jokes all the time. FidoNet is an old pre-Internet-world-wide-web network of mom-n-pop BBS's...that's Bulletin Board Services, for you who are new to this. BBS's were popular in the late 80s and early 90s. Usually they were local, free, and had a ton of files and games for you to play (depending on the theme of the BBS). Often they were run as a hobby from someone's home. FidoNet was the way we all traded files (i.e. shareware and freeware), and there were forums set up called "echoes". I got on FidoNet in 1990 and was there for 10 years, eventually running my own node (private BBS). I gave it up when it appeared that FidoNet was dying in favor of the Internet.

When I found Garden Web with all of its forums, it was like coming home to FidoNet again....a forum for everything! That's why I asked if there were any former FidoNet'ers on here.


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