Farmers' Market break

teresa_nc7March 5, 2012

Because you all have been so supportive of my selling my breads at the farmers' market for the past 3 years or so, I just wanted to let you know that I am taking a break from the market this year. It is hard to do late night baking after working a full day at my job and I want to be able to spend time with my mom part of the weekend.

If/when I can retire, then baking for the market might be possible again. I'll still be making bread at home regularly. Thanks for your interest!


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Teresa, With your dad gone, I can understand why you want to spend time with your mom. As much as you will miss the farmers market I bet your customers are going to miss you even more.


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You certainly have my support. Our mothers aren't going to be around forever and they need us too. It's sad for all that loved your special baked goods, but two jobs is a load to carry. Enjoy your time with Mom.

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Sometimes, in spite of how much we love to do's necessary to take a break.
I am sure your customers will miss your loaves....but your mom will welcome the attention.
Linda c

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I don't blame you at all!

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Indeed your clients will miss you, but you probably feel very good about your decision.

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Teresa, it sounds like a wise decision and one your DM will appreciate. While your regular customers will miss you, they don't realize the stress that doing a weekly farmers market can generate, or the time involved.

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I support your decision too, Teresa but I always looked forward to your Saturday "reports" and I'll miss them. You'll not be sorry you made this decision.


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I'll miss your reports, too. What you made, what you sold, how quickly and on the rare occasion, what you brought home. I sure can understand needing more time for your aging mother.

I was in Chinatown last night and thought of you!

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You certainly have your priorities in the right order.
Enjoy your Mother while you can!

As for late-night baking,
After a full day on the job,
Well, I always wondered how you did it,
Where you got your energy.

I'm another one who enjoyed and looked forward
To your weekly reports.
For one thing,
I've always wished we had a Farmer's Market
Where I could sell baked goods.
I love baking and enjoyed doing it for the public.
But now the outlet I had is gone,
And I miss it.

Don't be surprised if your customers
Call you at home asking for your breads.


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I am amazed at your energy to do all that you do. Your customers will surely miss you. I, too, enjoyed the weekly reports and occasional photos. Enjoy your time doing other things and being with your mother. I have a feeling you won't be sitting on your hands. :)


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Teresa, I agree, it's the right decision. You need to spend time with your Mom now, she needs you more than the customers needed the bread.

I did enjoy the pictures and reports, though. Maybe you can take your Mom to the farm market and visit your friends, find something yummy, if that's something your Mom would like. My Mother and stepmother both love craft fairs, farm markets and general local festivals.


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Annie, I've already planned 2 visits to different markets and shops. My parents loved to visit different grocery stores and farmers' markets when they traveled.

Rusty, my energy has deserted me....don't know where it went?

Ded, I've used the items that I bought in Chinatown often and wish I had the time/money to come back to Philly.

All, thank you for your kind words. I will miss seeing the regulars at the market and I'm sure I'll get there when the produce starts coming in. Sometimes the universe just tells you when its time to change gears. I knew my friends here would understand that.


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Your regular customers will miss you, but you have to do what is best for you and your Mom. As the others have said, enjoy your time with her. My Mom passed in 1998 and I am so happy I devoted as much time with her as I did.

I will miss your reports and pictures from your booth at the farmer's market, too, but you are doing what is best. Enjoy life while you can.


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Teresa, somehow I just knew you would. My own Mother really likes touring wineries and doing the tasting, because she has me to drive her about and be designated driver, LOL

Hug your Mom for me, anyone who visits farm markets and grocery stores on vacation is really one of "us"!


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