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OklaMoniJanuary 6, 2007

How does everyone with double pointed needles stores theirs? I have a really nice box, but have accumilated so many double pointed and single pointed needles now, that my box no longer stays shut.

Does anyone have a GREAT solution?


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Moni, I know what you mean about the mess. I have lots of dpns too. I don't know that my solution is GREAT, but it works for me. I have a teeny tiny dresser that I keep all my knit and crochet "hardware" in. To keep my dpns neat I buy cheap lanyards made with the coils. I cut them into 1/2" pieces (still coiled) for small dpns, and a little longer for larger dpns. I wrap each set in the coils. They stay together no matter what I store them in.

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I made a hanging fabric organizer for my straight and double pointed needles. First I laid out all the different needles I had to see how many sections I would need. The configuration that worked best for me was several rows of sections with the shortest on top, and each size of similar length in its own section.

I used sturdy cotton fabric which complemented the room where I store my needles.

I made the pockets starting at the top, each pocket a little less deep than the shortest needle that would go in that row so they would stick out a bit at the top. On each succeeding lower row, I made sure the tops of the needles wouldn't be over the top of the next pocket up... each line of needles looks separate, not overlapping. The top two rows are my double pointed, and my straights are in the rows below.

I sewed the sections at the end, through all the layers - so that double pointed 4s are in the same section as straight 4s, just in different rows - but since I wanted the organizer more vertical than horizontal the sizes go through 2 rows.

I have seen this sewn using placemats, which makes it easier since a lot of the finishing is already done for you.

If I was going to do it again - I would make the sections bigger since I seem to collect more and more needles as time goes on and they don't all fit in it.

My circulars are in another hanging organizer that I made which looks similar to this:

The straight needle organizer I made and described (rather convolutedly!) above looks a bit like that double pointed needle organizer, but I made it much taller and narrower so it fits on the side of a bookcase where I store some of my yarn.

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I made a needle case which I think is just like the one that hidiane described/made. It is made so that I can roll it up and take it with me. It works rather well for single point needles, but is less than satifactory for the dp needles. Next time the granddaughters visit, some of their fuzzy ponytail bands are going AWOL, am going to see if the bands will keep the dps together-size wise. Regular rubber bands break and sometimes leave a sticky reside.

I also have a rolling tote.

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I have not figured out what to do with my odd assortment of dps, but I made a quick and nifty straight knitting needle container. I took a quilted placemat and turned it into a needle case easily. Put the placemat in front of you; fold up the bottom wide side one third of the way and stitch the ends shut. Now take 3 lengths of narrow ribbon (about 18 inches) and with a yarn sewing needle, sew the first length into the edge of the top right hand corner of the wide edge with one stitch. Knot the ribbon in place so it will not slide out. Now sew the next length into the top left corner of the edge and sew the last length into the center edge and knot it. You have made an envelope. Put the needles into the envelope, roll the pouch part shut toward the top edge of the placemat, and wind the ribbons around the bundle and tie them in a bow. Voila.

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Donna, you're a genius! I just ordered some coiled holders from, but I think your method is just as good and probably cheaper.
Moni, I have a decorative box I keep lots of knitting things in - needles, bobbins, cable holders, etc. But I also recently started putting things in clear storage bags with zipper closers. DPNs I mainly keep loose in a bag with a needle sizer so I can pick out the ones I need for a project. I also have a couple of ancient plastic tube holders that I bought the needles in. Say, I bet you could use any tube holders(cigar, toothbrush) and mark the outside with the size. Course you'd still have to have a box or drawer to keep it all in.

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Moni, this is my dbl point needle case.

Take a piece of fabric, doubled, and fold up the bottom the depth you want, with room for the needles to stick out of the top. Stitch the sides and stitch "pockets" for the needles. Add a ribbon for tying closed at one side. Fold the top over the needles and roll closed. Tie the ribbon around the roll to keep closed.

This is a denim pocket that has velcro across the top to close. It has my scissors, tape measure, needle gauge, stitch markers, ect. in it.

This is just a zippered case from Walmart's craft dept., like a pencil case, but larger, for $3. It has my circular needles in it.

You can also use the dbl point case for straight needles, just make it larger.


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Hi, I have a huge number of straight knitting needles, circular needles and double pointed knitting needles. The straight ones are no problem to store.... they are in an oversized roll pocket case. The circular needles and double pointed needles, however, were a challenge to figure out what to do with them. I ended up getting a 3 inch binder and plastic page protector envelopes. I labeled a separate envelope for each needle size. Included on the label was the needle size, the needle color and (in the case of circular needles, the needle length) This way, I can tell by looking at the envelope if I am missing one (the blue size US8 circular 24 inches long) or can identify which one goes back into which envelope when I have finished a project. It works well and I am not having to sort through a tangle of circular needles looking for a particular size! I have a set of envelopes for circulars and a set for double pointed needles. On the double pointed needle envelopes I included the information: number of needles in the set (2, 4, or 6) and the color of needles (easier to keep track of them). Hope this idea helps you.

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