Buying and Changing my Furnace Filter

Andrea99March 22, 2014

I bought a new furnace this winter (Carrier 59TP5) and the company i bought it from said i can only buy filters from them. Is that true? It is very inconvenient for me to buy from them due to their limited hours. The material i have or what i have searched for on-line is not very clear and i am not very familiar with this. I have determined that it is an EZ Flex Filter 16 x 25 x 4 and it appears to have end-caps. The number it has on the current filter is 325863-401 which i didn't have any luck with. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Andrea I typed in " EZ Flex Filter 16 x 25 x 4 " at Google and found dozens of sources.


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i did too but they all appear to be different. i hate to buy something at 50 a pop that i am not certain will fit and i am not sure why it isn't clear.

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If you type in EXACTLY what you typed, the same as I typed in, the first hits match your size and make EXACTLY.

Check in your Manual for the part number... is it not EXPXXFIL0016 ?

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I got my filter for that furnace at Home depot. I think it was by honeywell but I think mine is 20x25x4. See if Depot or Lowes has it, you can always return it if it doesn't fit.

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