Need help finding a specific color of yarn!

rhapsdyJanuary 14, 2009

Hi guys - I've never posted on this form on garden web as I didn't even realize it existed. However, I'm in need of some help! I am working on an afghan and have run out of one color that I was using. Of course it now seems that it's no longer being made. I'm hoping that someone out there might have one skein of it around that I can purchase from you?

I am looking for a skein of Caron Perfect Match Winter White.

Here is a picture of it being used in my ripple afghan I am working on. This is my first ever crochet project and I honestly had no clue how much yarn it would take! Now I know I can get approximately 6 double rows of my ripple with one skein. Good to know for the future! Hopefully someone might have one skein of this in their stash that they are willing to sell to me! Please let me know! Thanks!

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Just looked through my stash and didn't have any...I had off white. I did a search and found several places that have the yarn.

Here is a link that might be useful: Caron Winter White

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Thanks for that link. That posting already sold. I have contacted that person to ask them if they might have anymore or if they would pass on my quandary to the person who purchased that item from them to see if they would sell it to me! *laugh* Yes I'm desperate! I went to the store today to look for a close match but everything is either too light or too dark. I've now learned to purchase more than you think you will need. I guess this is how people end up with a stash of random yarns!!!

Did you find it anywhere else for sell? I was unable too.

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I recently took a lot of yarn to the local animal thrift shop. I'll take a look to see if there is any there.

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I googled around but didn't find anything. I'm sorry, I know how upsetting this can be. Your work is very nice.

Crocheting takes up more yarn than knitting.

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You might try emailing the company and asking about it. They may have some in the warehouse, but not enough to send to stores.


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may try this:
or Michael's it is on their site.
Hope those help

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I meant to tell you I checked at the thrift store and they had sold all the yarn I had taken there.

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