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lexiJanuary 16, 2009

Do you know if you can pull yarn from both ends of a skein to use it.

I know you can pull from one end and use that but will it

screw up the skein if I pulled from the other end too?

My loom project calls for a double strand of yarn or two skeins and I got one gigantic 1lb yarn, not knowing because I didnÂt have my instructions with me.

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Lexi, you can pull from both ends of a skein, but you will have to watch for tangles. Unless you are able to stand the skein on end and pull up, it will tangle/twist badly and you will just have to stop every once in a while and untwist it. Another option is to wind the skein into two balls. A small kitchen or postal scale will make it very easy. Even though the band states that the skein is a pound, weigh it anyway (you'd be surprised how many times I've found that the skein is a little light), then just start winding (pulling from the center) and weigh the ball occasionally until you have a ball that is half that weight. That is a pretty accurate way to go.

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How would I stand it on one end and use both ends? I'm not picturing what you meant by that. Sounds like my best option is to unroll and re-roll the yarn. I do in fact have a small kitchen scale.

By the you know what it means if a skein of yard says no dye lot? Does that mean if I buy today a skein of blue and come back a month later to buy another it's not going to be mismatched?

Thanks so much for your help! Easy enough solution that I didn't even think of lol :D

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Lexi, you could stand the skein upright in an empty Quaker Oats box (it's round and tall). That way, instead of the skein rolling around the floor (as I guarantee it will) and tangling the yarns will tangle much less.

And yes, no dye lot means that the color should be consistent with the next skein you buy, but I also guarantee you that this is not always the case. Ask me how I know.

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I've knit from both ends, and if you stop and fix any developing tangles periodically, it works fine. I would not bother to make two balls. You want to knit, right? Not rewind balls! LOL!

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When using the 100 gram balls of self-striping sock yarn, I do as Donna suggests and use a kitchen scale to weigh the ball, and make two balls out of it, so I can match the starting ends, which makes the socks match almost exactly. In your case, I would still make two balls, as I have tried to use both ends at the same time and ended up with a tangled mess in just a couple of minutes, and I was trying to keep it untangled while knitting.


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