Which Seer rating should I pick? Help!

indianlakesMarch 26, 2014

We are building a new home. The quotes came today for the HVAC. There were good, better and best options. All were the same except the SEERs. My choices are 16.5, 17.7 and 21.5. The house 3850 SF and one level. Its located in Central Texas so it's hot. Really hot most of the year. The quote is also for two separate units, one is 3 ton and one is 4 ton. We have propane. The price difference ranged from 17600 to 21200. I have no idea which to choose. Any advice would really be appreciated! Thanks!

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Given that this is new construction (so assuming energy efficient) and that you live in Texas (hot, humid) the equipment proposal sounds over-sized. They are proposing 7 tons when roughly 5 tons would appear more appropriate. Don't do anything until they justify the sizing with a detailed load calculation. Get the manufacturer names and model numbers fo the equipment they are proposing.

Propane is generally the most expensive form of heating. Have you considred a heat pump?

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"All were the same except the SEERs"

It is highly unlikely that the same equipment with the same sizes has the same SEER rating. You need to get a list of all the model numbers of all equipment you are being quoted.

You should also need to ask for a load calculation to verify the equipment is the correct size. When it comes to HVAC equipment too big is just as bad as too small.

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Thanks! I will definitely ask about the load calculation.

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