I never knew this forum existed......

organic_donnaNovember 26, 2006

I found this forum when apsosca directed me here from my kitchen post. I feel kind of foolish now because I post many of my emotions on the kitchen forum. I didn't know there was a conversation forum. Why didn't anyone tell me? If I didn't know I bet a lot of others don't know either. And what is the "Discussions forum? I think there are too many sub-forums.


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Now I feel even more stupid. I just went to the discussions forum and realized it's the Kitchen forum.

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Donna, we all get emotional where our kitchens are concerned! Not to worry! A lot of us have finished kitchens and stay in touch on this 'side'.

Come on over to the other side :-)

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Don't feel like you're any different than anyone else, either. We're ALL a little stupiderer when we first come over here!!


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It takes a while to figure things out, don't worry about it. It's quite simple actually; most people don't want to seem like the forum police and upset people by telling them, "post that in conversations", etc.....

Enjoy and have fun, keep sharing....

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It's too bad we can't just interject out emotions into the Kitchen forum. Otherwise it's just "bricks and morter".

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Welcome to "the other side" Donna! And don't feel bad about not knowing about it--when I first started posting on the cooking forum, I didn't realize there were other parts (gallery, exchanges) until someone pointed them out.

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Donna, we are all walking the same path. Some are ahead of you, some behind. You discover things as you go.

No worries.

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How was your thanksgiving? How are my buddies, your kitties? Because of you, we are adopting another Oci in January. Thank you for pushing me over that "edge."

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Well, I'm here! I didn't know this place existed either. It's nice to know that there is still another place to air grievances, vents, etc. It feels kind of lonely though. The dates indicate infrequent use. Oh well...I'm glad I found this place.

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I didn't know it was here either so don't feel bad.

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kitchenstump2, welcome to the other side. Maybe with my recent post on the kitchen forum more people will use this side of the forum. It isn't used very often, so let's change that. Maybe we can make this forum so popular that the kitchen people will have to post their kitchen questions here!! LOL
P.S. Clare, are you still with us?

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I see a lot of emotion on the kitchen forum. How do you rebuild your kitchen without it? But for off-topic conversations, something like this place over here is more appropriate, for sure. I belong to another board that's been around for several years, and they finally subdivided into a more Decorating oriented board and a more General conversation board. I like that setup much better because it used to annoy me when I wanted to read about drapery lengths and paint shades and chandelier crystals, to find someone posting their travel photos of Peru instead. Now, everyone has a place to find what they're looking for. I see here, that someone is having trouble with their son's braces. I'm going to read that next, and hope that that poster will get whatever input she is hoping for.......but it certainly wouldn't belong on "Kitchens".

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I lurked for 4 or 5 months before I ventured over here, and at first I was a little intimidated. I felt that everyone on "this side" were friends, and I didn't want to intrude. But the nosey side of me won out, and now I post. As on the kitchen side, I'm grateful for the advice!

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Another Ocicat!!!! you just made my day. Will it be a kitten? Male or female? What color, you know they even have lavendar Oci's. Oh, I wish it were me. Do you have pictures yet. Please tell me more. I can help you when you introduce the two cats.

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