Can I create zones for my HVAC?

thebigadMarch 29, 2012

I have a ranch house, with a terrace (basement) level below. The thermostat for the HVAC is on the main floor. There is one furnace with a heat pump outside. Its a 3-ton, I believe. In the winter, the terrace level gets very cold and in the summer the upper level gets very warm.

Is there a way that I can add some gizmo to make the heating/cooling smarter? A zone system of some sort?

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Hi thebigad,

Zoning is a complicate install. Not every house is zonable. My best bet is to call a contractor to see if you can even zone first. Unless someone is there, it's really hard for anyone to give you any advices.

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Zoning might be nice, but if you just want to even out your heating and cooling, you may be equipped to do it already. Look at the accessible parts of your ducts. Are there levers on the duct sides? If so, you might be able to adjust the about of air flow twice a year to make things more comfortable and efficient.

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When you say accessible parts of the ducts -- are you talking about where they come out from the furnace? Or in the attic somewhere?

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The only ones I have ever seen that are used for this purpose are near the furnace, but I do not have a lot of experience.

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Zoning cooling often becomes a nightmare.

The varying loads placed on the cooling system play havoc with performance, unless you spend money for varying the available cooling (like commercial work).

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Hmmm. No levers. I'll have to get an HVAC guy out to advise me.

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If you are lucky, they might he able to do some changes that will fix you up without spending a bundle. It might mean adjusting your return air flow.

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