Bathroom Heat Cube w/ ACCURATE thermostat

bmgoodmanMarch 26, 2012

I suddenly need to replace a 19 year old SleekHeat cube (Therm Technology Corp) due to a broken switch. I have yet to find a small heat cube that comes close to this old one! Here's what I need, from most important to least:

*Works with a heavy-duty digital timer (so the bathroom is warm BEFORE we wake up!)

*Is small (think shoebox or less) and can be placed on a tile floor near a wall (fairly open space on all but one side)

*Accurate thermostat. I don't care if it accurately labels increments on the knob, but I'd like it not to let the temperature change by more than +/- 2 or 3 degrees F. This is where most others FAIL and we enter the bathroom to find it's way too cold or way too hot!

*Variable power settings. My old one had a continuously-variable 500W-1500W knob. Now I see just fan/low/hi.

*White is best for my bathroom!

Now, so far as most units being "not recommended" for bathrooms, this will be plugged into a GFCI outlet far from the toilet and sink and without kids, so don't worry about that!


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Have you considered a hardwired in-wall/ceiling heater? Timer/Thermostat/Control could be anything you like, a programmable line voltage model could work great for you. We have a wall mount in the master bath hooked to a simple 30 minute timer. Works great and no cords, the only downside is they cost about $80 online.

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