Need something for non slip soles??

jemellinJanuary 2, 2006

I am crocheting slippers for my Mom who is in a nursing home.

Does anyone know of something to put on the soles to make them non-slip??

Any help appreciated thanks.

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I recently knitted felted slippers for my Dad for Christmas - I ordered leather soles and sewed them on by hand. I don't know if the leather would be non-slip enough for your Mom's needs. Google "slipper soles" and you'll get multiple hits for leather soles.

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In craft stores they sell puffy paint in squeeze bottles. Buy some and squeeze out a striped pattern on the sole.

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Maureen Janda

What sheilajoyce said. I'm sitting here wearing the socks that were given to me at the hospital when I had my hip replacement, and that's just what they have on the bottoms.

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Ok I did buy the puffy do I apply this?

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Read the label. Just squeeze it out of the tip and let it dry if there are no directions. Make lines or designs with it.

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Thanks all and Sheila I see on the bottle it says to use a heat gun can I just let it air dry? Will it puff up ok without the heat gun?

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I would think so. Or try a hair dryer????

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You need to use the hair dryer or the paint won't puff.

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what a great idea! I made about 15 pair of slipper socks last year and this would have been a good idea for my nephews who love to just slide across the wood floors in them (and my brother doesn't appreciate that). Next time, it's puffy paint to the rescue!!

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You can also buy a roll of the rubber lining they use for shelves and drawers and cut it to fit the bottom of the slipper and just sew on. My mom uses this and it works great. You also get a good size roll for pretty cheap.

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As sewcute said, you can use the rubber no slip shelf liner. Even if it wears out, it is easy and inexpensive to replace. Just trim away the old and sew on new! I have also used the Scribble brand paint, similar to the puffy paint. It doesn't puff up, but you just squeeze on little dots of paint and let air dry for a couple days, then heat set in a hot dryer for 15 minutes. Makes the paint washable.


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I am trying to use puffy paint for some knitted slipper soles.
I can't get it to puff using heat. I've tried it wet, dry, on slippers, on paper, etc. And it just won't puff. I just bought it this week and the only date on it is copyright 2007. It's made by Tulip. I've tried steam iron and blowdryer. Have any of you had this problem? Can someone send me a picture of slippers with puff paint on the soles so I can get an idea of what it's supposed to look like? Thanks!

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So, how did that puffy paint work for you. I am crocheting slippers for a senior center and really need to know if it works, Thanks

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I just purchased a non-slip material at Joanns Fabric-Craft store for the bottom of the slippers I made for My 86 year old Mom and my 4 year old grandson. It is like the material they use on the feet of toddler's pj's. The cost is $4.99 per yard and well worth it.Don't forget to use your 40% off coupon ! I bought 2 yards and got 40% off :) Don't you just love a bargain?

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