Another tear jerker - if you are a pet lover.

caflowerluverNovember 2, 2006

I have volunteered at the local SPCA and this "story" really hit home. I have seen it happen too many times. My neighbor is doing it again. Adopting a puppy then when he gets too big and noisy and the kids are bored with him, get rid of him. I will never understand people like that.


How Could You?

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aptosca, I love the story and it is indeed so sad. I mustn't read stories like this at work - someone is going to think I'm crying over math or physics! I just don't understand people like this. I think this story should be handed out to everyone looking to adopt a pet and then again when they bring them to give them up to a shelter. We've always adopted from shelters for this very reason - to try to rescue a once loved animal that for no good reason has been abandoned.

Louis, our now older cat (at age 8 he is not old, yet, I hope, just older than 3 year old Georgia) was the most heartbreaking to first have, because he seemed to try so hard to ingratiate himself to us - almost like he was trying to make sure that he would be kept this time. I tried so hard to tell him that he didn't need to try so hard because I loved him already and that there was no way we would let him go, but I think the only way to prove that was to show him. Georgia, the newest acquisition, on the other hand, was understandably diffident at first.

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I think this story should be handed out to everyone looking to adopt a pet and then again when they bring them to give them up to a shelter.

I couldn't agree more. It could be worse, though. I know of one professional working yuppie couple in southern Connecticut who never spent much time at home, but loved to spend 4-500.00 for dogs from places like Doctor Pet Stores, and when the dogs would get unmanageable because of NO attention (as opposed to not enough), the husband would take them for a ride and drop them off on the side of the road, and then they'd head back and try and find a "better" dog!

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It brings tears to read and Bill unfortunatly I live where your neighbors and people like them drop off! It is so sad dogs mostly just sit and watch the road for owners to come back. Some whine, some howl, some bark. We have had dogs pick up by canine control or placed dogs. We were not so lucky when it comes to cats and kittens. After a few weeks of trying we end up bringing them to vet for euthenathia. Not a pleasent thing to do but it beats hearing them when they become wildlife food.

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We have the same problem way up here in the Santa Cruz Mts. Alot of dogs and cats get dumped. I guess their owners think there is enough wild small animals for their pets to live on. But there is plenty of big wild animals; coyotes, bobcats and even mt. lions, that will prey on them. I'd like to see their owners get dumped in the middle of the wilderness and try to survive.

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This is just heartbreaking but a good reminder.

I don't know why I torment myself and read over at the pets forum. I am tempted to post this there, but I don't think it would make any difference. I am just speechless at the posts ripping people apart for letting a cat out and then the same posters talking about putting their pets to sleep when they are stressed and acting out. It is a losing battle, and probably not one worth fighting, so I hold my tongue, but it is not easy. If I said what I really think I would probably be kicked off GW and I just don't think it is worth it. I hope I haven't said anything offensive in this post. I have been stewing lately about the pets posts over there!!!!! :-/

(Boop slinking back to lurkdom on Kitchens. Some day, Some day, I will have a kitchen to redo with Van Gogh granite!!!!)

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I cried when I read that story. We have adopted all our sweeties...rather, they have adopted us. Each and every one of our pets, here and departed, have chosen us. I have never understood how people could do some of the things they do. I'm a big proponent of adoption, in both humans and pets LOL. I'm also in favor of adopting older/senior pets. They are usually the ones who are left behind because most people want puppies/kittnes or younger dogs/cats. The older pet will have their personality right out there. You know what type of companion they will be because their personality has been established. For the most part, they're usually housebroken and/or trained, and they are so grateful for someone who will love them and give them what they need, which is a sense of purpose. Our pug, Tootie, came to us from a rescue foundation when she was around 7 or 8 years old. We've had her for 3 years and we couldn't imagine her not being here. We just went through an illness with her, thought we were losing her, and our grief was unimaginable. But it wasn't her time to leave us, and we are so grateful to have another day, another week, another month, or another year with her. Hopefully more and if so, happy beyond words.
Friends of ours have 2 Saint Bernards that they bought from breeders. They have a biiiig house, but do the dogs live in the house with them? Nooo, they live in the frickin basement. They let them out to do their business, and then back in the basement they go. Heaven forbid they let them come in the house and ruin their floors, knock over something precious, have an accident. I always ask them (and I'm sure they're tired of hearing it), "Why do you have pets? What's the reason? Would you like to live in a basement with little or no human contact for most of the day?". We don't go over there too much any more because we find we don't have much in common with them or their philosophies on life in general. I just don't get it. Neither do they or others like them.

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We don't go over there too much any more because we find we don't have much in common with them or their philosophies on life in general. I just don't get it. Neither do they or others like them.

This, unfortunately, reminds me very much of when I used to be into riding. If ever you ask someone what the big deal is about riding a Harley, I don't care where you are in the country, or from what socio-economic level the person you're asking is from, you'll always get the same answer, and the same applies here, to TOO many people--

If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand.

To many people in this narcicistic world think that pets are belongings-- just another responsibility to either be taken care of or ignored-- rather than the family members that they really are-- to love and BE loved.

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Bill - You nailed it - To many people in this narcicistic world think that pets are belongings.

We had our first dogs, Gretchen 14.5 years and Samantha 18.5 years. When they died it was like losing a child. I grieved for years after each one. They came from the shelter and couldn't have asked for better dogs. They taught my son so much about love and caring for others.

We have had our current dog, Elvira, for almost 4 years. She has had lots of medical problems and don't know how long we will have her. You can click on the link and read about it there.

She is a minature dachshund which we got from a rescue society because she had been abused then abandoned. She is so funny and cute. She sleeps next to me every night, which is nice on these cold winter nights. She is definitely part of the family. Not a possession or thing, but a wonderful living being that adds so much to our lives. I can't imagine life without her.

Bless the creatures, great and small.

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All of my cats have lived with us until it was their "time." For us that means when illness (cancer for instance) has finally robbed them of all quality of life. Many of them have endured long illnesses which required expensive and demanding care. Often, daily meds including injections. As long as that enabled them to live enjoyable lives (for them, not me) we provided. to me that is the contract you make upon adoption. When their time comes, we have a vet who will make a housecall so that they die at home in our arms. So far, we have had one live to 21, to to 17, one to 16, one to 12, one to 11 and two to 9. And for everyone, I felt the time came too soon. I still mourn Tiger, who lived to 18 and died 16 years ago. They are each special and unique with gifts to give us.

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I knew a wonderful TKOer who used to volunteer in a shelter but she had to give it up because every day she'd come home completely emotionally distraught and wracked with sobs...she made it about 6 months. People who can work for any length of time in animal rescue have all my respect and admiration. I don't think I would last a week. :(

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I volunteered at ours for over a year and half but it had to shut down due to budget and expenses. The county took over and moved the shelter to far away from where I live. I loved working with all the dogs, big and small. I was a trainer and exerciser.

I worked once a week and never asked what happened to the dogs when I didn't see them the following week. I just imagined they got adopted, didn't want to think about the alternative.

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