Trane or Amana; Single stage vs 2 stage

GradybMarch 18, 2012

I have a 2400 sq ft, single story home in DFW, TX area. Over the last 2 yrs, my average electric bill is $160/mo. I have two proposals for replacing my total electric HVAC system with a heat pump. First proposal is a Trane, 5 ton, 15 SEER, with variable speed airhandler. The second proposal is for an Amana, 5 ton, 16 SEER, 2 speed heat pump with variable speed airhandler. The Trane has a 10 yr parts and labor warranty, the Amana has a lifetime replacement on hp, 10 yrs on parts and labor. The cost difference between the two systems is negligible. The Trane proposal is for a XA13 system and the Amana is a ASXC16. My confidence in each company's installers and warranty support is the same. So my dilemma is which one to choose. I have not had experience with either manufacturer and I know what I'm asking is going to be very subjective, depending on who is answering. But I've still got to ask: "Which would be the correct choice?" Is the Amana reliable?

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Normally not a fan of amana but this is a nicer unit than the baseline trane being offered and much more efficient.

Efficiency is important. It sounds like your existing system must be doing pretty good if your avg electric bill is $160. I hear in dallas of much higher bills than this.

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Is the trane single speed or two speed?

If it is single speed, and the price isn't that much different, go with Amana

If the trane is two speed, and the price isn't that much different, go with trane.

Trane is a high end unit, but two speed is alot better than single speed as far as efficiency.

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Did you get a quote on a 2-stage Trane heat pump? Perhaps the cost increase is increase is not large and is something to consider.

I have no experience with Amana, but I would feel better with Trane equipment. The 2-stage feature is nice to have especially in a 5 ton unit.

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