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emeraldjayne62January 17, 2009

Calling all you crafter's out there, I'm working on a afghan for cancer awareness for the uninsured.this will not be sold or given away it will be there trade mark to say.Its called (The afghan of Hope) (A time to remember) its for your or someone you know that has passed from cancer or who has cancer. The squares are being done by me are granny squares, and in each color of all the ribbons.I did white ones for me with pink ribbons in them I have done 6 white and 1 pink,anybody who would like to donate a square in someones name please do.Please add the name, what cancer they have or had so this can go in the book with the rest. this is an on going afghan so there's no limit to how many squares there are, It can be done in any form me granny's my best for me then I add the different color ribbon, now my next one is for my dads cancer,and my friend,some of the cancer do not have a color to them so go as close to it as you can,like (throat cancer], I went with head and neck, and so on . thanks for the help to those who already sent me a square its going to be at the relay for life in April .will keep all posted and show pic when its together a little more.

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ok come on I know there are crafters out there that would like to help so lets do it for the ones that can't help them self please and I love to see squares from all over the place it will be fun keeping track of were thy come from and for who you are sending them for. I've got 20 so far orange,pink, black, purple, and there all in the name of someone who has or had cancer

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ok jayne--- my brother-in-law passed away from lymphoma 2 years this feb... if you can tell me what color i need, i will glady send it, in his memory...ok...will you show us a picture of the finished blanket???? that is an awesome idea....good for you....lois

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mamalo3 Tks for getting back with me on this the color is lime green. and yes I will show all of it as its being done and as I work on it.and don't forget the name of the person its for so it can go in the book thks jane

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jane is it diffinetly lime green....then that's what i will many do you need....let me know thanks -- lois

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mamalo3!!!! As many as you would like to make, and please pass it on to your friends and other crafters. I would love to see squares from around the world and the more the marrier thks again jane and yes lime green is your color, I have a list of all the colors if you need to know anything else

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jayne,where will i send them when they are done....and is there a dead-line..since lime-green is not a color i have on hand....(lol)...let me know..ok....lois

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