Too scary! Poor DD

acdesignskyNovember 4, 2006

It a really gorgeous Fall day here. Clear and sunny, but cold. DD#1 is out to the movies with a friend, so DH decided to take DD#2 to lunch and the book store. It's so pretty out that he decided to take his 73 Benz coupe and even let DD ride in the front seat. He hops in and starts up the car and DD gets in on the other side. She reaches over, closes the door, and the window shatters all over her! Not tempered glass either so huge shards of glass fly all over the passengar side seat. She's one lucky girl because all she got was several small cuts on her hands. We found glass in her pockets and hair but she was pretty much unscathed, just terrified.

I'm trying not to think about how much worse it could have been and DH stated it's time to sell that car. We didn't mind it was a less than reliable money pit, but imagine if the car is ever in an accident and all the glass shatters. I think it broke today due to the close. It wasn't cracked or anything.

We're really counting our blessings right now.

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WOW! Guess we now know to appreciate tempered glass. How horrible. Give her a big hug from another relieved Mom.

I'd be selling that car too. 'Course you'll have some splainin' to do about why it's missing a window...maybe replace it with tempered before selling it?

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We'd have to replace the glass to sell it, but I want to be sure any buyer knows the other windows aren't tempered. Crazy how the car is built like a tank but has these dangerous windows.

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OMG!!! That is too scary!!! I can only imagine how terrible all of you must have felt. Did your dh drive the car very much? Does it have sentimental value? I'm asking because my dh has a car that I'm afraid is dangerous, but it is special to him. His dad bought it new ('65 Mustang) and dh got it sometime in the '70s. It only has lap belts and I'm really nervous about it because he drives it to work and back every day (60 miles roundtrip, highway). I won't let the girls ride in it but I worry about dh because of the seatbelt situation and the fact that the car is old and all metal and glass. It hadn't occurred to me that it wouldn't be tempered glass, either! I may have to look into this some more. DH says he tried to get shoulder belts for it but couldn't find any. I'm going to try and talk him into driving his truck to work.

So sorry for the scare, but glad everyone's ok, except for the scratches. Maybe this was an important wake-up call to prevent something much worse.

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So very scary, atleast if it was to happen, thank heavens it was in the driveway and not as they were whizzing down the highway. Can you just imagine if there had been flying glass....boy that's a scary thought. Glad she only had a few scratches.

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DH has only had the car for a year. He went without a car for nearly 2 yrs when he traveled all the time for work. Then he got a new job where he worked from home so he didn't really need a daily driver. He just takes it out to lunch 1-2X a week and short rides in the summer. In the last year he's only put on about 150 miles. He's done a lot of work on it, but he's not super sentimental. The girls have ridden in it less than 5 times.
I took a closer look at the glass and it's not tempered like now when the glass falls into harmless squres, but it is so thick that it forunately didn't break like a house window. Big sharp pieces rather than dozens of smaller ones. That's what saved her.
The seat belt situation has always bugged me. It has lap and seperate shoulder belts but they don't self adjust so you have to make them super tight for them to work.
Maybe I can convince him his next joyrider should be a early 80's Volvo!

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