Felting projects...Anyone else want to show us.

Vickey__MNJanuary 29, 2010


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What beautiful felting work you do!
I think I may just have to give felting a try.
Thanks for posting your pictures.


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I love the clogs - what pattern did you use?

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Fibre Trends has all the patterns. The clogs are addicting. I have the ballet slipper pattern (not much luck with that one yet)...the Alpine slippers (both the child and adult)..and the Clogs (again both child and adult). THe clogs knit up VERY quickly, and theose little kid ones are so cute. Add some fake fur to the cuff, and you have little girl ones...


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Oops, here's their website....

and here's the link to the children's clogs

Here's the children's alpine boots

Here is a link that might be useful: Fiber trends website...slippers

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thanks but I need a crochet pattern - my knitting skills are minimal. They don't seem to have a crochet version for adults so I'll keep looking.

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I made these frenchpress slippers for Christmas. It calls for a lot more sewing and only a couple of hours of knitting. They're dark plum, not sure why they show up blue. I've feltedthe adult clogs when I first started out but kept loosing my place on the pattern and never got 2 shoes the same size!! I'm much better at marking my place now.

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