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cherboJanuary 25, 2007

I just wanted to share a picture of the socks and cell phone case I just finished. The socks are the second pair that I have ever knitted so there are a few mistakes in them lol. They are knitted with Patons Classic Wool. I'm really enjoying knitting socks, I'm working on a baby pair right now. The cell phone case is made of the same wool as the socks and felted. I used the pattern at the following link. It's actually an iPod case but works for my cell phone.


Here is a close up of the cell phone case.

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Good job, Cherbo! I love knitting socks too. Yours look yummy. I bought some yarn at elann.com that I want to turn into a pair of supersoft socks for me and some gloves for my mother. A lavender mix of angora and silk (Mom's gloves, which I just started last night) and a teal mix of angora and cashmere.

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cherbo, those are great! Good job. I've never felted before, but I'm going to read about it and try something. Was the phone holder easy for a first project?

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They are lovely, Cherbo! I love the color. A friend of mine used Paton's Classic Wool in beige to try KoolAid dyeing and it turned out very nicely. We did a mini workshop on it in my kitchen. It was pretty amusing seeing that what we were cooking was... wool :)

Socks are my favorite thing to knit, too.

These are fun to make and felt:


I posted them on another message here. I have made several pair of them for relatives (and myself) and now get requests. They are very yummy and cozy.


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Diane, I have been thinking about making the fuzzy feet slippers. Guess I need to go shopping for some more wool.


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Cherbo, those socks are nice! You did a great job for your second pair. I'm on my 5th pair and on every pair there's something, you know where you have to pick up the stitches for the heel? I still can't get that to look perfect, maybe someday I will. That felted cell phone case is so cute! I have done some felting, made mittens and purses - it's really fun to see how they turn out, isn't it? Keep up the good work.

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cherbo, what a great job you did on your socks and cell phone case! They look awesome!


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Those socks came out great!

I made those fuzzy feet "socks" - they are the warmest slippers I have ever had. I did lengthen the cuff a bit so that they came up over my ankles. I used the Lamb's Pride and they felted beautifully. One thing I would recommend is to take a blunt needle and some yarn and weave it through any holes around the gusset - they felted closed quite nicely - I did this on one but not the other. The one I didn't do this on does have a wee hole, but the slipper is still cozy!

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These are great. I do have a question how do you put pics on the forum. They are great

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Nice socks! I love knitting socks and I'm always on the hunt for good new yarns. While I know that the little errors seem glaring to you, I certainly couldn't see anything noticeably wrong with them. The cell phone case is too cute!


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