Kitchen remodel Central Jersey.

cngrlNovember 17, 2010

We have a budget of $35,000 to renovate this 1986 builderâÂÂs grade peninsula kitchen.

The following is what weâÂÂre planning to incorporate into this project:

Demolition - removal of old cabinets in kitchen, removal of tiled floor in: Kitchen, breakfast nook, laundry room, bathroom, two pantries and corridor

Removing - Sheet rock to expand entrance to dining room from kitchen area to 57âÂÂ

Flooring �" Kitchen main area, Pantries, Corridor,Mud room

ý bathroom


Installation of new flooring (411sq tile), new cabinets, granite counter tops and appliances, including all electrical and plumbing work that is required.

Installation of an island.


We would like to act as general contractor for this project (Husband and I).

1- Is the budget sufficient for an average kitchen with a Viking VGSC5366BSS in it (The rest of the appliances are mid range)

2- What should our steps be at this point (we'd like to start the project rolling asap).

How do we find professionals that would bid for the job?

Advice would be sincerely appreciated.

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Since I recently, in August, completed a project like this in Central Jersey, my initial reaction is, no, you couldn't do it for that money. However, you didn't mention what type of cabinets you're looking for. If they're Ikea, you actually might be able to squeeze it into that budget.

For the floor, I had a similar scope of area - although mine was closer to 700 square feet of tile - redone. It was $5 per square foot to install, and about $3 per square to demo - not including the cost of the tile and grout.

We too acted as general contractors. We got quotes for the floor from tilers for both demo and install and we got quotes just from demo companies. The prices were close enough and we went with the tilers for demo just so we wouldn't have to wait an extended period of time after a floor demo with staples and mesh sticking up -it's messy and dangerous and we have dogs.

Our cab guy did the cab demo and sheetrock repair. We had soffits removed and a pantry removed, as well as a changeover from a peninsula to an island.

I did get a quote from another contractor for expanding the dining room doorway from the kitchen - it really wasn't all that much, and I don't have the paperwork to recall how much it was, but we decided against doing that. I have a feeling the kitchen cab guy might have been able to handle that as well.

I did, however, get custom cabinets and granite but no new appliances. Although my appliances were not brand new, they are in excellent condition and the spacing was generic enough that I can replace at any time.

My kitchen cab guy also recommended a plumber and electrician - told me to get other quotes as well, but his came in at the right prices. The electrician rewired all the counter top outlets, installed wiring for undercab lighting, installed hi-hats. The plumber had to reroute the existing air vent line and uninstall and reinstall the plumbing lines, sink and dishwasher - no relocations.

All in all I spent just about $35,000 - remember no new appliances, but custom cabs.


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I'm in central jersey and we too are finding specific people to do specific jobs. We're in the middle of a kitchen remodel. I can share who I have found so far.. my H will always chose by price. Not sure if we're allowed to give specific names and numbers on forum.

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Helene, I live in northern jersey and am doing a renovation. Could you please either post or e-mail me who did your cabinets. You got an excellent price. I am replacing formica counter tops (74 feet) with granite and getting a 36 inch range
and am almost at half of your budget. I would love to be able to do cabinets - but I have about 150 feet of cabinets. Are your cabinets wood or MDF? Thanks

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Not in Jersey, but in Western CT. We are doing our kitchen now, and going to Ikea cabinets (20% sale until end of April, btw!) we saved over 12,000 on cabinets. Allowed us to get a second dishwasher, nicer range (we got a 36" Verona, had a 30" electric I hated, although only 4 years old) and keeping our 4 year old first dishwasher and french door fridge. We had done wide-plank floors 4 years ago, but we're replacing the backsplash and granite that are also only 4 year old. Too long a story as to why, but we are coming in at 30,000 with a GC, reasonable tradesman and hoping to keep the countertops in budget. If I see something I love I'll pay more, so my guess is between 30-35K. We'll have more cabinetry, nicer island, better flow and the Ikea are just as nice as the custom cabinets we had made in the rest of the house. Same style, just less $$. We went with Adele Birch in Med Brown. Good luck!

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