Installing central air in a 3-storey home with radiators

krawdonMarch 29, 2013

Hi everyone. I used to be active on Gardenweb but haven't been in a long time. Now, I'm looking to buy a house (after selling my old house with massive garden and then renting an apartment for 6+ years).

The house I am currently most interested in is a 3-storey Victorian twin (or semi-detached, depending on your preferred lingo). It has radiator heat, which I LOVE. But what I don't love are Philadelphia-area summers without air conditioning. It is very importantly to me to be able to have or install central a/c in any house that I buy. I know that there are small-vent systems available for older homes without the standard metal duct work.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has installed one of these alongside radiator heat - and hear about benefits, frustrations, how well these systems work, and COST. I'm also wondering if it will be difficult to install in a 3-storey house - there's obviously no attic or basement next to the middle storey, and I don't know if that would be a problem. It's also important to me that any a/c system *really* cools the entire house. Because I hate hot weather. Did I mention that?


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Find an experienced Unico designer/installer and have at it.

It may take two units (one high one low) to do three stories depending on how the large trunk lines can be run (they are around 10 x 10 inches in ductboard).

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You heat with oil boiler or nat gas boiler?

Post back.


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This house in question has gas heat. Thanks!

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When you say 'gas heat', you mean that a gas furnace is already in place with blower and vents? Or when you say 'gas heat', do you mean there is a gas-fired boiler with radiators in place?

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No, read post. OP has radiator heat fueled by nat gas which is great. Homeowner has boiler not a forced air system.


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Yep - gas boiler with radiators.

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Have you considered mini-splits? You can install several types of heat exchangers on the inside:
1)most common is high wall. They are least expensive and most efficient
2)ceiling units
3)floor or wall mount
4)find space for very small air handlers with minimal duct runs.

Is this a roomy home? You could install something pretty conventional in the top and bottom floors with something else in the middle.

I spent some time in Philly. I used to think it was awfully hot and humid there on the coastal plain.

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Hi krawdon ,

Jonized has given good suggestion.

Are you looking for centralized AC systems also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Residentail Air Contitioning Units Now on Sale

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Hi everyone, thank for all of the suggestions! It was really very helpful. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) that particularly house fell through, so I'm not currently trying to figure out a/c issues.

On the other hand, I *did* put in an offer on a house that needs some basic and major kitchen reno, so.... I'll no doubt be asking questions around on that topic. :-)

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If you do buy that house get a 203K mortgage and roll the renovation costs into the mortgage

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I actually looked into that for another house that needed truly extensive renovation - it's a great option. But the interest rates are a bit higher, so if I can avoid it, I will. For such a small renovation (literally one kitchen wall, 8' long - but with the all-important oven and sink) I think I can swing the expense, and then save up money for more extensive reno later.

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This is also good idea to adjust the budget, and I also would do same for me.

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Everyone want to enjoy summer with cooling surrounded and which is only possible through branded A/C. I would like to suggest some branded Air Conditioners of the world:

Blue Star

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Hi Friends,

I am glad to share that my friend lives in Centerville- USA and using Goodman Air Conditioner from last 5 years. He did not face any problem so far and suggested me to use this brand.

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