Your favorite mailorder source for yarn?

differentdreamerJanuary 27, 2011

Other than Halcyon where do you buy your yarn online?

My preference is to buy in person, but the yarn stores where I live aren't too convenient for me to shop. I like Halcyon ( it's a great place to visit in person!) but I'd like other options.

(No, I don't work for Halcyon...)

Here is a link that might be useful: Halcyon Yarns

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Lucky me that I have a yarn store near me but I do use: (in Wisconsin) and other one I use: (in Michigan)
When I place order in, I usually get my order in 10 days
which is good since I live in Massachusetts.
Never had any problems with these cos. They have all
kinds of crafts and supplies.
Hope this helps.

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I've never ordered by mail. We have two well stocked yarn shops but I buy at Hobby Lobby.I can't imagine I would ever have to go on line unless maybe the price was incredibly good.

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I've been very happy with Knitpicks. They have a very nice wool called Wool of the Andes that is soft, comes in many colors and different weights, and is very, very inexpensive. The total wool cost of a sweater that I am making will be under $25. I choose the slowest shipping speed and it comes in about 1 week.

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I like knitpicks too. I got annoyed with Herrschners because they would not unsubscribe me and sent so many emails. I finally blocked them as spam.

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