2 furnaces in basement or 1 basement/ 1 2nd floor?

miffy13March 5, 2012

We are building a 4200 sq ft house in Michigan. We were planning to have one furnace in the basement and one on the 2 nd floor but are now having problems finding a place to put it. Is it really bad to have them both in the basement?

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Is this actually 3 floors or just two?

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basement will have 1250 sq ft additional finished area.

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You really need to be clear about floors and living space because what seems obvious to you, is not obvious to people from other regions of the country.

When you say second floor, I am not sure what you mean.

I am guessing this is a 3 story house - basement, 1st and 2nd - but I am not sure and that matters a whole lot for this question.

Next - where is the ductwork going to be for the 2nd floor? Is it running between floor 1 and 2? How would you get from the basement to the second floor with the air? The chase would need to be almost as big as a furnace.

Lastly, if you also want to lose weight, this isn't the right forum..... Can't some moderator delete that spam?

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yes, basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor.
There is a place for a chase in the center of the house going to the atic and then down to second floor. I am told it would take half the space. Or can ducts run up the walls separately so no chase?
I really dont know anything about these things. Would that work just as well as having on on the 2nd floor?

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The usual practice is to install the second floor furnace in either the attic the basement. I have not seen a furnace installed in the living space of a second floor.

An attic installation in a climate with freezing temperatures becomes a problem for furnaces for a furnace with efficicency above 90%. High efficiency furnace need be vented with PVC piping out through a side wall. The exhaust has condensation which could freeze in the attic. In order to avoid this contractors will normally install 80% efficiency furnaces in attics.

I have both of my furnaces in the basement. There is nothing wrong with this installation providing the duct work up to the second floor is done correctly. The chase in the middle of the house can be used to install the second floor return.

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