Tunisian knitting pattern?

jennJanuary 4, 2008

While surfing knitting blogs this morning I came across this page at bellaknitting, showing knitted log cabin blankets.

tunisian stitch block.

They call it the "Tunisian knitting pattern". I Googled the pattern and all the links point to crochet tunisian patterns, but none for knitting. It's also called the afghan stitch.

Does anyone have the pattern for this fabulous stitch? I do not crochet, I want to tackle knitting first.....

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Tunisian or Afghan stitch is Crochet but they have a knit stitch involved which not sure how to do it.
I think if you do a google search on tunisian afghan+
instructions list will come up. This crochet is very easy
to learn which took me about 5 mins. to master it!
Good luck.

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look down the left side of the page

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.nexstitch.com/v_Tutorials.html

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There is a nice tutorial (with pics) here:

Here is a link that might be useful: tunisian/afghan stitch

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I didn't click on your link until now. The hat shown is knitted, but the block is definitely crochet and it is done in what I know as the afghan stitch. You use a long crochet hook with an end that looks just like the end on a knitting needle.

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That is called the Horizontal Tunisian Knit Stitch. I sent you an email. ~Tricia

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I love that stitch! Does anyone have a pattern for an afghan done in crochet with that stitch? I'd love to have one.

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"all the links point to crochet tunisian patterns, but none for knitting"
That's due to the confusion of all the names for Tunisian. It's called Tunisian Crochet most of the time, however, it's also called Tunisian Knitting, "afghan stitch", Railroad Knitting, Shephards' knitting (there is another technique that also uses this term), and many others.
Tunisian is a blend of knitting and crocheting, which is why it has names that use either term. The technique is done on a hook that resemble a knitting needle with a hook on one end, or a long crochet hook.
There are hundreds of stitches and stitch patterns that you can create in Tunisian. Some of the stitches resemble knitting (Tunisian Knit stitche, Tunisian Purl), others resemble crochet (Tunisian doubles, shells), while others look more woven (Basic Afghan stitch, aka Tunsian Simple Stitch.
"The hat is knitted..." Maybe! The hat could be done in Tunisian Knit stitch, from the outside of the hat there's no way to tell which technique is used, you would have to look at the inside of the hat to determine if it's knitted or Tunisian knit stitch.
If you knit or crochet, you should be able to pick up Tunisian very quickly. If you neither knit nor crochet, learning Tunisian first would be a good start to learning either.
In searching the web for tutorials, and patterns, use the terms "Tunisian Crochet" and "Tunisian Knitting", that way you'll find a lot more material.

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Someone gave me a Tunisian or afghan stitch baby blanket. It is so thick and warm. I loved to use it in the winter.

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