Just want to say I'm happy about the election result

morton5November 6, 2008

The "Igloochic for Governor" thread got a little mean-spirited. Now that the election is over, I just want to say that I am happy about the result and looking forward to moving forward! Though I defended Palin in that thread, I ended up voting for Obama for a variety of reasons. As I said in the thread, I was undecided and thought we were lucky to have two good candidates this year.

And though I don't think Palin was ready to be President, overall I think she did really well! It's very hard to be in the spotlight like that with journalists trying to trip you up, and I think she can walk away with her head held high.

Now I'm just hoping that Obama will govern from the middle and not turn us into France without the excellent food and culture.

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It will certainly be interesting to see how things unfold - there are such huge problems to be resolved. Can you imagine wanting to be in charge of that project? I am most interested to see if our senators and representatives will all put their individual and party agendas aside and actually get something worthwile accomplished for the overall good of the country - or if it will be politics as usual. They certainly haven't done very well so far on that and plenty of incumbents reelected and/or not up for election who have been around "forever". Will be very interesting to see how they all "change" now.

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I'm happy, and relieved, with the election results too, and I have to agree with gibby, it's up to Congress to rise above their petty partisan ideas and work together and work with President Obama to start solving problems.

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Turns out DH and I are headed to the Inauguration and the Delaware Inaugural Ball tomorrow (also known at the Biden Ball). I was reluctant to go to a ball because my experience with one of GWB's balls was that it was a crowded affair in a vast hotel ballroom, with a cash bar and indifferent music. Well, at least the music seems to be better with Democrats. We haven't been able to figure out who's playing at the Biden ball yet, but the Grateful Dead are playing next door at the mid-Atlantic ball, and it seems overall that a lot of big music names are in town. So maybe it will be fun after all.

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Please share whatever you want to/can about the ball! And hey, next inauguration, if you're too cool to go to any balls, I'll very kindly take the tickets off your hands :)

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I'm glad I was able to witness history, at least in small part. The atmosphere in DC was ebullient, electric. With all the dismal news these days, it was wonderful to be able to celebrate a major milestone in America's struggle to overcome racism. DH and I had been invited to a restaurant on Pennsylvania Ave. to watch the parade. We headed downtown from MD about 9 a.m.. We hit much lighter traffic than usual, cruised downtown until we hit the police blockades, and found a parking spot for the car. So far so good. City mood was wonderfully festive as we made our way to Penn Ave-- then we hit the security checkpoint. Oh my. Two hour wait, minimum, not even clear the line was moving, and it was 11 a.m. and we didn't want to miss the oath and speech, so we repaired to a chop house with wide screen TVs and strong drink, very welcome after walking blocks and blocks in wintry cold. Tried to gain access to our party again after the speech (in Republican days crowds would have been lighter, or we would have had some sort of VIP pass, but hey, this is a DEMOCRATIC process), failed, and went home to have lunch and watch the parade. Later I heard that only about 30 of 250 expected guests were able to make it to the event-- guess they had a lot of shrimp to themselves.

Went downtown again in the evening for dinner and the ball. I'm not griping about the ball (okay, maybe I am), I just want to be clear that these are NOT glamorous affairs. They are huge gatherings with dried out cheese cubes and weak drinks in plastic cups for the party faithful. That said, we had a good time. We arrived just as Biden came in, saw him speak and dance with his wife, and then started to negotiate our way toward the stage in anticipation of Obama's arrival. He and his wife came 45 minutes later. They looked happy, wonderful, and he made a short speech and they danced. Democrats dance worse than Republicans, but both the Bidens and the Obamas seem to really love each other, and that counts for a lot.

Our band was Maroon Five. I knew a couple of their songs from the radio, but am clearly turning into an old fogie. We were unsuccessful at crashing the Mid-Atlantic Ball next door featuring the Grateful Dead. Anyway, at this stage it seems they should change their name to the Grateful Living. Still, nothing could possibly surpass the Army band playing "Hail to the Chief" when the Obamas entered.

So, I only saw glimpses of history, but I'm really glad I went. The faces around me, especially the lined, black faces streaked with tears of joy, will remain in my memory. And I powerfully felt that sense of possibility in America-- hope it's contagious enough to pull this country out of the current grim circumstances. Reviewing previous Inaugural addresses reminded me that this is not the first time we have faced adversity or felt pessimistic about the future. But, this is a great country, the greatest in the world, look how far we've come. I...

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Hmmmm...not to throw a wrench in all this "overcoming" business...but my son's HS marching unit (in Maryland), one of the #1 marching units on the east coast (and country) was told they would not be allowed to march in the inauguration parade b/c their unit was "not diverse enough"...meaning it was too "white". And yet, other non-diverse groups on the other end of the spectrum were allowed...

Racism works both ways...we need to eliminate ALL racism, not just selected racism.

Needless to say these kids were extremely disappointed...and learned a very negative lesson the day they were told the news...

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I think that most people who were celebrating at the Inauguration believe there is still work to do in overcoming racism. That said, we can all feel good about the progress that has been made.

Buehl, sounds like your son now has experience with a variant of Affirmative Action. It's too bad that the lesson was framed in negative terms for the band. A teacher or parents could have explained to these kids that sometimes the interests of minorities are placed first to make up for centuries of ill treatment and continuing prejudices and discrimination.

Do the kids in the band really believe that their lives would be easier/more pleasant if they weren't white? Not just on Inauguration Day, but every day? I didn't think so.

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What's wrong with France?

I have been travelling to France since 2006 and just returned from another three week stay. It's an amazing country, and I certainly wouldn't mind living there.

BTW, everyone I came across in Europe were thrilled with our election news.

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I have nothing against French savoir vivre, but France is not the best business environment. They have had some laughable socialist policies such as the 35-hour work week (enforced by bureaucrats who counted cars in company parking lots), and are also known for crippling strikes. Corporate ownership is convoluted, inhibiting M&A. At least the French did have the good sense to invest heavily in nuclear energy-- cheap electricity is probably one of the reasons induction cooking is popular there. Fortunately, Nicolas Sarkozy is moving the country in the right direction from an economic standpoint. I think he and Obama will be good buddies.

I'm glad the French are happy about Obama. The French can be pretty nasty racists, though, toward their own minority-- immigrants from Algeria, a former French colony. Remember the riots in the banlieues as recently as 2005?

I'm happy to have lived and worked in Paris for a year and a half before I married. I am always interested in things French, and find the people to be friendly (probably because I speak French), and entertaining. Why, something entertaining happened just this past weekend! You cannot make this stuff up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chirac mauled by clinically depressed poodle

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Hi, I'm glad to hear you lived in France. They are indeed friendly and I don't speak French! We found them very interested to know where we were from, and also quite helpful, even when they couldn't speak English.

Come now, we have our own (not so long ago) racist problems here. They will manage just as we have.

Thanks for the link.

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Mariposa, I am finishing up a book called Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. Since you are a Francophile you might enjoy it.

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Oh great! I will look for it.

How about French cooking? Did you learn to cook while living over there?

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I only cooked simple things for myself while I was in Paris, but I learned a lot about food while there-- refinement, the importance of terroir, seasonality, the elevation of humble ingredients, how to best complement food with wine. I worked in business consulting at the time and was fortunate to sample some of Paris's best restaurants, even though I was relatively junior. I did date a student at the Cordon Bleu briefly and enjoyed hearing about his classes. Also, I adored going to a wonderful market on Blvd. George V on Saturdays. Julia Childs' books taught me to cook-- I was a devotee of Mastering the Art of French cooking after returning to the States.

Did you take a cooking class during your recent trip?

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No, I didn't take any classes. Unfortunately, I did not have time for a class but hope to go back this summer.

We were in Brittany for two weeks in December, and my goodness, the seafood there was a delight! I am so in love with their markets, cheese, wines, and I guess everything French, LOL

Can you remember the names of any of the restaurants frequented? I really have never had a bad meal in France.

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Be thankful your kids didn't get there. The band in a little town here has a bill of $150,000 left to pay for being part of the show. And this wasn't the entire cost. Also, they were not diverse at all. Little farm town in northern CO, not sure how they were chosen.

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I guess there is a silver lining emagineer!

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Hey guys, I was wondering if you are still happy with your president now?

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Hell yeah!! He's a far cry bett......

Um, well, he's a big improv............

Well, he's better than.........


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Yes, actually.

Sure, we're still in a financial mess, but considering what the man walked into? Things are definitely heading in the right direction.

As Bill said, "Hell yeah!! He's a far cry bett......

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Agree with Sweeby.

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Things are definitely heading in the right direction.

Absolutely! Atleast now we're out of Ira......

Well, Gitmo's hist......

ummmmm, well, the deficit's headed in the right direc......

Ahhh, well, our troops are getting the reinforcements and supplies they neeeeee........


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LOL! See ya on the other side... ;-)

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I was waitin for you to go get reinforcements!! LMAO

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I'm all for hope and change.

I hope we change soon.

The small business climate under Obama is horrible. Nearly every business is holding back hiring becasue they don't know hard hard they are going to be hit with Obama taxes.

We have an annual deficet for just one year under Obama that is higher than all 8 of Bushes put together! Neext year is slated to be even higher.

Unemployment is 10% +

Troop moral is not good - all the extensions because they won't re-inforce.

The Dems are letting the Bush tax cut expire this year(adding at least $900 to each of our tax bills automatically),

and they can't wait to get their hands on the entire healthcare system to "fix" it!

I am hoping for change soon. Tea anyone?

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I'm with you, beemer. And I am all about the tea.


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Never did care much for tea.

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I like tea. Never did care much for tea-parties, however. I'll take mine as an order for 1, thanks.

Beemer, I like your taste in automotives but can't quite digest your analytics. They're a little simple-minded.

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Bill...your posts are cracking me up! Too funny. But not, really.

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how's that "Hope & Change" workin out for ya now?

For ALL of the folks that actually voted for Oblahma - I just have
one question for ya - "Feeling Stupid?"

After the Health Care vote last night - I'm starting to understand
what it must feel like to have been raped.......

I just CAN'T WAIT FOR NOVEMBER to get here -
as well as NOVEMBER of 2012!!!

Change is gonna be comin again - these idiots that promised "change"...
are going to see it first hand - with a new job status - "voted out of office"...

here's something to ponder too......

and this:

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Funny--I was just saying those most vehemently against the healthcare bill will probably first on line to take advantage of it.

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My wife is a health insurance broker - and she is by no means a "fat cat"...

What people don't realize is that this whole issue is going to bankrupt the US,
and even more importantly - the reps in congress and the senate that voted for
this abortion - even though people like me and an overwhelming majority
of people across the US are AGAINST the bill - and these idiots basically said -
"Shut up stupid - WE know what's best for YOU - go POUND SAND" -
these folks are going to get a HUGE wake up call.............

Well - guess what's coming in November???

It's called......


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Perhaps the problem between us is a different world view. I see the good this will do for a lot of people--those who couldn't get insurance because of a preexisting condition, for instance. And don't forget the cost to the government of uninsured people.

However, let's agree to disagree and call it quits.

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Leel, I totally agree with you! They will be the first ones to get whatever they need. My mother said just look around at who is using Medicaid and Medicare. They're not all Libs/Dems.

We're not feeling stupid about our VOTE!

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By making fun of Medicare recipients you are actually pointing out the problem with the new law.

Everyone gets kicked off their health insurance at age 65 even if they paid premiums for years. Any insurance after age 65 requires you to have Medicare first. They have no other option and pay a lot of money each year for Part B, Medigap coverage, and all the things Medicare doesn't cover. More and more doctors and hospitals are refusing to take Medicare patients so they pay for care out of pocket.

To see your future, take a close look at Medicare.

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