Onion goggles???

mudlady_gwMarch 3, 2012

I will be 68 next month and I had never heard of onion goggles until two weeks ago. I was reading, in the TV Guide or maybe People, an interview with Katherine Heigl done while she was cooking in her own kitchen. The author noted that she was wearing onion goggles during the interview and I was immediately intrigued with the idea of something that might actually help my super sensitive eyes. I have tried peeling onions under water and it was sloppy and didn't really work. I found onion goggles at Amazon and ordered a pair. The day they were delivered I couldn't wait to try them. They work!!!!!! I just used them for a second test on a really nasty onion. I felt absolutely NOTHING and didn't realize how powerful the onion was until I tasted it on a taco. No more tears after six decades of serious "onion eyes" for me. How is it that I never heard of them until just recently?

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I'm glad they work.

The topic comes up every now and them

Here is a link that might be useful: Goggles, scroll down.

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We have used them for quite a few months now. I was surprised by how well they work too. I always thought that it was the onion vapors going up your nose that made you cry. We look goofy wearing them, but they do work great! NancyLouise

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My sensitivity and reaction to the vapors are extremely severe, but I can't imagine meals without onions. I will never cut another onion without the goggles.

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You can also use swimming goggles. With some of those you can have a prescription put in them as well, or an inexpensive approximation of what your precise prescription is. If you need to use bifocals or readers to cut up vegetables, read on.

To figure out what power to order, here's eyeball optics 101: If you're nearsighted (myopic), you need lenses that diverge light rays to be able to see at a distance. If you're farsighted (hyperopic) you need glasses that converge light rays. By convention, divergent lenses are 'minus' and convergent lenses are 'plus'. The power of an eyeglass prescription is measured in diopters, which is the reciprocal of the focal length in meters. A +1 diopter lens will converge parallel light rays to a focal point one meter away; a +2 diopter lens will focus parallel light rays to a focal point 1/2 meter away (reciprocal of 1/2 is 2). If you never needed glasses at all until you were forty or so, you probably started using reading glasses in the +1 to +1.5 range; as time went by you probably needed stronger ones.

If you were mildly myopic (say, -1.5 to -2.5) you've found that you can read pretty well with no glasses at all, and when you turned 45 you would just take your glasses off to read while your normal-vision cohorts had to struggle with reading glasses. If you're one of those lucky ducks, just order plain swimming goggles or onion goggles with no prescription in them.

Assuming you want the working distance from your eyes to the chopping block to be about 26 inches (I chose that distance to make the math easy--it's 2/3 of a meter, and the reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2, or 1.5), you'd add about +1.5 diopters to your distance prescription. So if you're +1 hyperopic at distance, you'd need to order a +2.5; if you're have a -6 myopic prescription at distance, you'd need to order a -4.5 lens.

If you have significant astigmatism (1 diopter or more) you'd need to use what they call the 'spherical equivalent'. That's the algebraic sum of the spherical diopters plus one-half of the astigmatic diopters (which is listed on your prescription as 'cylinder' or 'cyl.') The easiest way to figure it out, though, might be to call up your eye doctor and ask him/her or the tech what power swimming goggles to order if you want to end up with a working distance of 26 inches.

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Onions give me serious weepy eyes and more, but I just bought a pair of safety goggles at Home Depot and they work perfectly!

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I use to wear contact lenses and for years had no trouble with onions. My eyes have gotten better over the years and are now to the point I don't have to wear contacts. Peeling onions are no longer fun. Long before onion goggles I found if I wore these old goggles that I bought for 50 cents at a flee market, my eyes didn't tear. I wish I had marketed goggles for peeling onions, I would be rich now. Instead of wearing them, I just wear wrap around sun glasses. That works too.

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mudlady - I bought them a few years after someone here recommended them. I've extremely sensitive and none of the "tricks" ever worked - instead, I'd end up in pain. Most people don't understand that some of have a stronger-than-normal reaction.

They've been a lifesaver!


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I have pair courtesy of a wonderful used to be poster here and they work like a charm especially during canning season!

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I used to have a pair, Woodie gave them to me. Ashley now has them. (grin)

I wear hard/gas permeable contact lenses and they don't really seem to help much, so when I start canning season like chase, I'm getting them back!


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I have had them for a few years after seeing them on the today show. I love them and use them all the time!

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