So what's your favorite knitting bag look like?

budsterJanuary 10, 2007

We did this before and it was an interesting posting. And I don't mean the inside of your bag either. Do you have a fancy designer bag or are you toteing around a Seagram's bag like my friend? My own favorite bag(s) of the moment are both second hand...yard sale or thrift shop finds. One is an extremely colorful german bag with a black forest lady and man on the side panels -it contains no pockets but expands wonderfully so you can shovel in just one more double has wide hoop handles for easy carrying. I was attracted to it because we lived in the black forest area of Germany ( where this bag was made ) for eight years....someone bought it and obviously brought it back at some point (probably another military wife at some time). My second is a homemade patchwork affair in browns and creams, the prints attract me and the long shoulder strap handles for looping over your shoulder when transporting. Inside are a couple of pockets for scissors, needles and tape measure. Someone lovingly made this as the workmanship is very good. Soooo now what's your bag (or bags) like? Obviously I needed a break from my own needlework to post this...anyone else need a breather?

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A plastic Walmart bag. LOL! Guess I should look into using something nicer.

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Ditto Here!:-)

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I also have a German bag that I carry my work around in! I was in Germany on an exchange and my host Mutter worked for the county* of Aschaffenburg. They had these little bags that they gave all their workers, so she brought one home for me. In English, it says "County* Aschaffenburg, keep us environmental!" with a red woodpecker on it. It's pretty beat up, and needs the seams fixing, so my real mother got me a new bag for Christmas, that has Dala horses on it and says something witty about women's work in English and around it, has the same thing in Norwegian. Neither of my bags have pockets on the inside, so I stick a cosmetic bag inside for the stuff I need (tape measure, yarn cutter, extra needles, etc).

Yes, I needed a breather from my projects. I just ripped back all of the toe decreases on a pair of (thigh high) socks I've been working on for two months because they were about an inch too short. *grumbles*

~ Kit

*I have no idea what Landkries translates to in English.

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Break here too! So I did my one of my fun things and went to all the thrift stores in my area. I found a new bag (they were two for one) this new one is heavy navy canvas pretty good size 16x17 with a zipper across the top. No pockets but it is heavy enough to maybe glue a liner inside with the pockets that I need. My other bag is a backpack (new also) use this on vacations or day trips. Holds H2O, camera,plus . IT was a good day and a nice break. (now winter can come and I am recharged, for awhile anyway)

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I use a basket that I made. I also have a smaller round one that hangs from the cup tray in our pickup truck nicely that will hold sock yarn and needles for working in the truck on a trip. I used it when we went to Iowa last summer. Didn't think to include it in the picture I took. When I am just going someplace close, dr. office or for a ride, train watching with DH, I just stick a sock project in a qt size zip lock bag to keep it from getting tangled in stuff in my purse. There isn't room for much more than that in our little car that we take for stuff like that. I started a Rambling Rows sweater for my 3 y/o grandson in camoflage colors, and that is DH's sock hanging off the edge of the basket.

Tami...who expects to see Budster over at the KT more often!!

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Why, my knitting bag looks suspiciously like a collection of gallon size, zipper top storage bags LOLOL. My only issue is having to use "point protectors". Not to keep the stitches on the needles, but rather the needles IN the bag. They try to poke through.

I have two canvas totes (a big one for a big project or a small one get the idea ;). And I have a crocheted snowflake bag I made myself that I love but am too lazy to line and the needles poke through and threaten bystanders.

When I travel for work I use a rolling briefcase that is a moveable laptop case, pharmacy, geek/techie store, library, and knitting bag.

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My favourite is about 15 years old. The zipper has gone but it's still useable. It's from England and has a cat playing with a ball of yarn on the side. Canvas and plastic handles.
I got another one with sheep with needles in their mouths, and wooden handles but it's just not the same.
Anyone wanting a proper long knitting bag? I have one for sale. New, blue, no decor.

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I am not here often... but love this thread. :)

My bag is a longeberger basket with a liner with lots of pockets. Love it, cause it keeps my knitting contained, right next to the recliner.

Landkreis = District


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I have a tapestry tote bag with travel symbols on it, like Route 66 sign, that I picked up at Beverly's. It sits well on the floor and has two outside pockets, one zippered and one velcro'd. It's 12x10x4, large enough to hold my pattern mag, needle, etc. bag, etc. I throw my latest project into a plastic bag I can whip out and throw in my purse or lap to keep my project together but carry it around in my tote. I use the circular needles so I don't have a problem with them poking through in my purse. If I did, they would still fit in my bag as I carry a 14 inch ruler in it with no problem. It works real well for me because I can carry most everything I need for either crocheting or knitting if I want to distract myself. It has a zipper across the top but I only use it when I am not going to use it for a while. Of course, that's not my only bag, hehe. I have incomplete projects, books, yarn, whatever in other bags. The good news is I haven't added any more new ones.

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My favorite bags are the two gallon Ziploc food storage bags and the two and half gallon Hefty bags. I can put a project, with long needles and all the yarn in these bags. I can see through them and the cats can't get to the stuff inside.

The bulk of my yarn and supplies sit in a large plastic box (Sterilite), the top locks down so the cats can't get to the yarn. There's something about yarn that attracts my cats, not only wool but synthetic. They will lurk and sniff and try all sorts of tactics to get to it. They also supervise my knitting, usually from the arm of the chair, but sometimes from my lap. Always entertaining, frequently challenging.

I lurk here, and hang out mostly on the cooking and kitchen forums. I've been knitting since I was a child, my grandmother taught me to knit (the European way). I make lots of mittens and hats (an easy project when I get home from work), though I have made some cable knit sweaters. Now that I have a grandson, I guess I'll be doing more knitting as well as other needlework.

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I finished the socks in my picture in my post above! They are for my DH. The yarn is from Meilenweit, & is meilenweit colortweed brown gray.

I'm hoping someone will add more about their favorite knitting bags! I enjoy seeing what everyone else uses.


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Tami, I love the looks of those socks. Great colors. I have only just begun knitting socks myself and I think I'm addicted.

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