Favorite Fun Fur project?

alisonJanuary 4, 2007

Fun Fur is on sale at my Joanne's, 10 skeins for $10. I've made scarves and hats with it before, but at this price I may splurge and buy a lot, and I'm looking for new ideas -- what's your favorite Fun Fur project?

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Lucky you!! Fun Fur is one of my favorite yarns.

I got bored with the scarf/hat thing and made a tank top with it for my daughter then bought a white pair of short and put it around the waist and legs to match the top. It turned out REALLY cute and everyone loved it.

Even if you don't do something with the yarn right away - at the great price you could save it for later...

have fun,

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My favorite is actually the rather boring "No Hair Day" hat. It's mindless knitting and a quick reward. And people will pay me $20! That interests me.

But someone recently commissioned me to actually make a hat and a rectangular shawl out of canary yellow Fun Fur. It sounds hideous to me, but if that's what she wants, that's what I'm making.

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I would like to use it to make a fake fur collar and cuffs for a denim jacket. Being a bargin hound - I hit Joann's too. I just picked up a couple of fun fur in black because you just never know!

It's a dollar each - you do not need to buy 10 at my Joanns.

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