Without a Contract

RamonaGramaNovember 25, 2013

After a month of back and forth discussions with the countertop contractor, we agreed to all details and all the measurements are in place. But the contractor refuses to give us a written contract. He wants to work based on his word and he wants 1/2 the money in advance. What should we do?

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Does he give you real people REFERENCES? My initial instinct is goodbye. But I might check the people who have hired him and if there was ever any "confusion" because of it not being put in writing. AND I would use a credit card.

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Red flag! I don't think a legitimate business person would work this way.....this might only be ok for a friend or acquaintance doing it on the side. A contract protects both of you....after all, with no contract you could just as easily say at the end you agreed to a price of $500, when he told you it was $3,000. I wouldn't trust this setup at all...and you would have no leg to stand on if he botches the job.

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Run! I even have the contractor I trust work up a contract so that we are on the same page. Even honest people don't always have perfect understanding.

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