zip back baby sweater pattern

lindatJanuary 15, 2009


I need a crochet pattern for a zip back baby sweater. I have a knitted pattern. But I am not great with the knitting, can do crochet much better. If anyone could help me out I would so appreciate it



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I can't help, I'm afraid, but am curious..what is a zip back baby sweater....does it zip up the back? Sounds strange.

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Sandra - it zips from the tip of the hood down the back - they're great - you don't have to pull it over the baby's head, just put their arms and face thru and zip! had a couple when my girls were babies - like 20 years ago.

I'd like a crochet pattern too...don't knit much, it would be for my Grandson!

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There is a free pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn Website!

Free Crochet Pattern 60224AD Zip-Back Hoody Lion Brand Yarn Company

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I have a knit version with cables. Every time I make it, I mess it up big time. I swore last time that I would never make another! If I find one with out the cables I would tho.

Sandra, think sweater with a hood that zips down the back instead. It's really nice, especially if the baby is sleeping. It's very easy to put on them. Lay them on their back. Slip their arms in and lay the hood opening over theri face. Pick up baby and lay on your shoulder to zip down the back.


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I bet you could find a few over at ravelry. Mary

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