Where do you put the buttons?

oilpainterJanuary 27, 2010

I am knitting again for a new baby. I have knit dozens of sweaters and other things for babies. I am the only one in my family who knits, so when a new baby comes along the request comes with it for my knitting skill.

Something I have wrestled with all along is which side to put the buttons on when you don't know if it's a boy or girl. I have for the last long while I have been putting buttonholes on both sides and presenting the buttons with it and instructions to sew them over the buttonholes on the side that's right for boys or girls.

I'd be interested in hearing how others handle this issue.

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I'll be a cold day 'you know where', when I do an extra set of button holes that are doomed to be closed up! After all, this is a baby who isn't going to be buttoning the sweater anyhow.....just pick a side....either side.... and put in the button holes... Who will even notice? No one, I'll bet! lol

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I usually know what the sex of the baby is when I am knitting a sweater. I think your solution is an excellent one, but I would probably sew the buttons on one side and make the offer to move them to the other if it becomes necessary. You might be surprised how few people can even sew on a button. Chances are that the buttonless sweater would languish in a drawer for a couple of years and then be tossed or given to GoodWill.

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I have a knitting book of knitted Layette Sets for
newborn to 6 months old and they have the buttons sewn
on the Left Front (usually girls).
That is what I do with baby patterns that require buttons.
Hope this helps.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Who would ever notice??? I suppose you could look at some neutral ready-made baby clothes to see what they do. In my wildest dreams I cannot imagine this might be an issue for a new mom.

Until the toddler is learning how to button his own buttons, the location shouldn't matter.


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Pick a side and sew the buttons on. I agree with Donna. The new mom is too busy to take time to sew buttons on a sweater, and it will probably not be used.

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They are used in my family. The sweaters are given before the baby is born and either the mother or the mom to be sews the buttons on. If they were given after the baby was born when the mother is indeed busy, or if they knew the sex, I'd know which side to put them onWhen they are asked for they will take the time to do it. If I give to someone outside of the family I do sew them on one side or the other with instructions that they can be changed.

As for it being a chore to make 2 sets of buttonholes. I find it easier to remember to do them and really it is not a big deal to make a buttonhole. I just wanted to know what others do

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Since I crochet, buttonholes are easy. I have also been putting them on both sides when I don't know or when I make some to have on standby. Sometime I wait to finish the edging but generally not. I do sew the buttons on before I give the sweater. However, I have also been using ribbon or yarn chains and closing some with bows as an alternative.

Just finished the first sweater for my granddaughter to be born in May and used a peach yarn. Haven't found buttons I like (hard color to match) so am considering using ribbon or crocheting the buttons.

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I have recently starte making buttonholes on both sides, and sewing them on if they know which sex it will be, with a note that it can be changed if they wish, or get surprised. You are right, it is easier for me to remember to make the button hole if I do it on both sides. If I don't make them on both sides, I just pick a side and sew them on.


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