uv light and air filtration?

sprint23March 14, 2011

I'm building a house, and I've decided which equipment and contractor I'm going to use. I'm using spray foam with a non-vented attic and i'll require 2 seperate units(3 ton and 2 ton). I've been told about and read about the systems with uv lights. I asked my hvac contractor and he said it would be good to have but not a necessity. It would cost me about $1500 more for each unit. Does anybody know anything about these systems? I'm going to have to check, but I think he told me he uses the whole house air purification (has both the air filter and uv light) made by ultravation. thanks

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Studies have shown that UV lights are really only effective within appx. 1-2" of the UV tube; Also, the higher the airflow, the less effective. For that price,and for those really concerned, get a Honeywell Whole house HEPA Bypass Filtration system which cleans air for the whole house every 30 min. of run time

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I agree with the statement above and also like the HW HEPA as well as the Lifebreath system; neither of which utilizes UV. If you are set on UV , I like the SunPure Photocatalytic system. We have sold for some high end spaces , specified by many Engineers for homes where IAQ is a top concern.

We recommend running all in a 24/7 continous mode...if its not running...its not cleaning the air.

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