downdraft vs updraft furnace and ductwork

zimcheMarch 20, 2009

We are replacing our furnace with a 75K BTU high efficiency unit. We would like to reloate the furnace from the crawl space to the garage, and use the existing duct work in the crawl space. We live in the midwest and have hot summers with humidity and below zero temps in the winter.

Company A recommends using an updraft furnace and installing flex duct work w/hot-cold air vents placed at ceiling level. Our concern with the updraft unit is heating and cooling loss and condensation of the flex duct work. Anyone have any experience with this product?

Company B says they can use existing crawlspace duct work and install downdraft furnace. The cold air exchange will have 2-90 degree bends and 2-45 degree bends. Will these bends cause too much air restriction for the furnace to run efficently?

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CJ Mechanical of North jersey llc.

no differance between upflow or downflow,Well on the upflow the a/c coil is on top the furnace and with a downflow the evap coil is on the floor with furnace sitting on top of that. I would stick with the crawl space duct work as long as it is all steel duct,sealed,insulated, and no airflow problems in rooms.BUT I dont know what the conditions are with the crawl space duct.

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well for heating it is always better to heat from the floor up. My self i would go with the down-flow. the return air bends would not be to bad if they do it right
If the return duct if flex, they might want to over size it to make up the difference of the turns. If it is metal ducts they could always use turn vanes in the duct. Keep in mind that the wall between the house and garage might be a fire rated wall. If it is you would have to use fire dampers. The burner intake air
has to be at least 18" in the air. Later paulbm

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Down flow is great for heating. However, Placing the duct in the attic is better for the A/C.

U can also place every thing in the attic clearing up space in the garage.

This web site has simple installation details that might help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Installation details.

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